Do you know? you can turn your phone into a teacher by installing learning games and apps for kids.

The Google Play store has 1000s of kids apps. Frankly speaking, most of the applications have promotional materials which can distract the kid’s attention or teach them something which they shouldn’t learn.

Among the plethora of kids games available on the Play Store, there are some games that can really develop logic skills and improve the reasoning skills of a kid. These games will keep your kid busy. They’ll entertain them and at the same time, the games will teach toddlers words, numbers, colors, shapes, poems, and more.

Here are the best educational games for toddlers.

Best Android kids games and apps for learning

1Lego Juniors

Lego Juniors is an interactive Android game that teaches kids to build various shapes, characters, vehicles and many other objects. Once the kids build their vehicles, they can test-drive it.

Lego game includes several fun activities that make your kids think. It includes an option to turn off the game’s music or sound. According to the developer, Lego is great free game which kids belonging to age group 4 to 7 can play. The game doesn’t have a menu bar. It has large buttons which function as a navigation system.

Lego Juniors game has about 50 million users. It doesn’t have ads and in-app purchases. It can run on phones and tablets with Android 4.1 and higher OS. Although Lego is a game for kids, it asks permission to access the phone identity.

Download Lego Juniors

2Kids Math

KM is an Android app that will improve your toddler’s arithmetic skills. The game features addition, multiplication, division & subtraction tests organized into three categories – easy, hard and normal. The game includes a test wherein kids must match the number with the word.

The game helps kids in recognizing numbers. It also teaches them to count and sort numbers. The Kids Math app allows parents to track the progress of their children.

Download kids math

3Multiplication table kids math

The above doesn’t teach multiplication to kids. If you want your toddler to master multiplication of two numbers, install this app.

MTKM is an Ad-free app based on the concept of the immensely popular game show “Who wants to be a millionaire”. This application displays a question, multiple choices, and options to:

  • Eliminate the incorrect answer.
  • Proceed to the next question.
  • Stop the timer.
  • Display the right answer.

Kids must tap on the box containing the correct number. The MTKM app for Android provides four gameplay modes. It features a grading system. The grade of the kids gets better for every right answer. The grade will reduce when kids fail to answer correctly.

Download Multiplication tables

4Word Search

WS is a free game that makes your kid learn and discover new words. The game is easy to play as it makes kids search for 4 to 5 character words. Initially, the words are arranged in 5 x 5 matrix. The size of the matrix will increase when you toddler completes the given challenge.

Download Word Search

5Fruits and Vegetables

The F & V game helps kids in learning the name of fresh fruits, seasons, natural events and vegetables. It also teaches toddlers to pronounce them. This app can prepare your child for nursery or preschool exams.

Download fruits and vegetables

6Kids learn to read

KLTR is a free game that makes your toddlers learn, form and read three letter words. This educational game is easy to play, and it has cute graphics. It features image hints that help kids in solving the puzzle.

KLTR for Android has three sections. The game supports Android 2.3 and higher OS.

Download KLTR

7Baby Phone

In this game, kids will see an onscreen phone dialer. When a toddler taps on any displayed number, the app will play the sound of an animal and it the same time, it will display the picture of the animal.

The Baby phone game teaches kids numbers 0 to 9. It makes them aware of various animals. It also includes songs that your toddler will love to listen.

Download baby phone

8Kids learn Shapes

KLS is an educational game that teaches sizes and shapes to kids. The app displays random objects that your toddler already knows about. Some shapes are hard to guess. This app improves thinking the ability of kids by making them use their brain.

Download KLS

9Kids Educational game free

KEG is a free app that features several fun activities and games for toddlers. It includes a paint tool through which kids can learn to draw shapes or recognize colors. It has mini games that can sharpen your toddler’s memory.

Download KEG

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