The top free Windows 7, 8, 8.1 OS CPU Stress test software we’ve shared today will allow you to test the performance of your computer/laptop’s memory, GPU (video card), processor, storage, etc. If your system has defective hardware, the stress testing applications will make you aware of it. These applications usually run 100’s of processes at a time. As the CPU is handling too many processes, its temperature will rise drastically. If your computer is packed with the latest hardware, the cooling system will automatically reduce the processor’s temperature.

Note: Please don’t run the software on an OLD PC with a conventional cooling system. Don’t forget to go through the documentation of the software before using it.

Three free CPU Stress test tools to benchmark your Windows 8, 7, 8.1 PC

PassMark Burnintest

Although this is a paid PC benchmarking software, you can use it free on your PC for 30 days. Once you download, install and run this Burn IN Test, it will display your system’s BIOS, CPU, memory, graphics, storage, and network connectivity information in a tabbed pane. Your system information is on the 1st tab. The other tabs are as follows:

Burn in Results: If you’ve tested your computer with this software earlier, the results will be shown in this tab. Here you’ll also find the start/stop time of the last test and its duration.

Event Log: This tab gives you easy access to a log file in which hardware/software related errors are stored.

Temperature: Here you’ll find a graph of max/min CPU temperature. The graph is 100% correct, and it can be copied to the system clipboard.

Along with the tabbed pane, BurnInTest from PassMark has options to load or save configuration files. It allows you to install a copy of this software on flash drives. Passmark’s software lets users set test preferences for printers, optical drives, storage memory, network, battery, etc. You can change the behavior of the application for certain events. BurnInTest allows you to set duty cycles of CPU and GPU. This application has quick test menu with which you can quickly check:

  • The max temperature of the processor.
  • Max operations supported by your processor.
  • RAM, hard disk, 2D, 3D graphics performance.

BurnInTest - Free CPU Stress test software to benchmark your Windows PC

Download PassMark Burn in Test here.

Heavy Load software

This is an entirely free CPU stress test software for Windows 8 and seven operating system. Heavy load displays a graph containing the below real-time information:

  • Used CPU cycles
  • used memory, disk space.
  • Frames processed per second.

Users are allowed to change the graph update time. This software has a toggle button to enable or disable writing files to the system temp folder, allocating virtual or physical memory or GPU stress tests. Heavy Load includes an option to disable/enable a processor while it is running a test (If your PC is equipped with a multi-core CPU). Users can configure the software to run a test for a specific duration.

Heavy Load for Windows 7, 8.1 and 8

Download Heavy Load.

Intel Burn test software

This free CPU stress test software is compatible with all Intel systems. It is a simplified implementation of Intel’s Linpack program. This software supports 4 test modes – extreme, standard, custom and high. Before it runs a test, IBT will check your system for available free resources. It won’t run a test if there’s not enough volume of free system memory. IBT can be run in 32 or 64 bits mode. It can generate a log file containing the benchmark test results. Users can configure this software to run a test repeatedly or for n number of times.

Intel Burn Test software

Download Intel Burn test here.

If you’re using Linux OS, please use mPrime, Memtest or CPUburn.


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