People often visit software download sites to find open source and free applications that would help them in some way or the other. As the sites have a large collection of portable freeware, it will be a difficult task for the visitor to select one application from the collection unless he knows the application’s name.

For example, suppose the user is searching for a tool to clean browser cache. He opens CNET, Freewarefiles, Informer or some other website and enters cache cleaner in the search box.

The website may display search results in the form of reviews on 100s of tools (popular and recently launched). Many people prefer using the programs which are popular and feature packed. For example CCleaner, GlarySoft Slimware utilities, System Mechanic, etc.

For a person, who doesn’t use internet or PC often, it will be hard to decide which program he should install. In such case, the LiberKey program will turn out to be a useful tool for the user.

LiberKey is a small utility that allows users to quickly find and install the best portable freeware available on the web.

Liberkey portable apps When you run LiberKey on your PC, the program will open a window which boasts a button to download the list of available portable suites. Click on this button else you’ll have to manually download freeware from the official website of LiberKey.

Once the list of popular software has been refreshed, LiberKey will open its freeware manager tool that allows you to remove and install programs.

liberkey portable suitesLiberKey classifies the freeware software into two categories, basic and standard suites. Both the categories displays a list of popular small applications in the below categories:

  • CD/DVD burning.
  • Video and audio players.
  • Office and Networking.
  • System tools and video editing.
  • Games and Education.
  • File management and Security.

If you select a freeware from the list, the interface of LiberKey will be updated with the size of the application and total required disk space.

LiberKey has options to bulk select and deselect the programs from the list. It supports batch installation and removal of selected apps. It has more than 290 free and popular portable programs to choose from.

LiberKey will not open the website of the developer when you click on install button. It comes integrated with a download manager utility which will handle the task of downloading the portable freeware that user has selected. The DM will display the file download progress.

download liberkey apps listI used this feature to install AIMP music player. LiberKey downloaded the portable zip of AIMP instead of installing it. No start menu or desktop shortcuts were added.

To begin using the installed freeware, you must open LiberKey portable apps suite.

LiberKey supports customization of the UI, icons, color and font size. You can disable the animations displayed by it. You can change the default language as well.

This program can automatically run downloaded portable apps when the user starts or closes it. If a newer version of an app is available for download, LiberKey will update it automatically.

LiberKey is a free program. You can install it on your Windows PC by downloading the setup file from this website. When installed, it consumes around 20 MB space on the HDD.


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