The Government issues Aadhar to citizens only after verifying their identity and collecting their biometric data through an IRIS sensor and fingerprints through a fingerprint reader.

The GOI has issued over 80 million Aadhar cards till date. It is a solid proof of identity and accepted at all governmental institutions and organizations.

As mentioned earlier, more 80 crore people own an Aadhar card. The government has a massive database of biometric data acquired during the application process.

Samsung has partnered with UIDAI for launching the Galaxy Tab IRIS tablet. The new device from Samsung will authenticate the users through their Aadhar card data.

The tablet offers excellent security feature in the form of IRIS sensor. It has been manufactured in India and Samsung claims that the IRIS tab will be beneficial for government employees as well as citizens.

Samsung Galaxy Tab IRIS Aadhar verification

How this Biometric tablet works?

To get started, the user will be asked to enter his Aadhar card number.

The tablet has IRIS scanner which plays an important role of authenticating the user. There are two scanners in the tab. The user must look at the sensor to verify his identity.

For verification, the Samsung tablet will query UIDAI servers with the output of the sensor.

Once the biometric verification is complete, the tablet may save the biometric information on the tab so that the user doesn’t have to activate 3G or 2G connection for verifying them in the future.

Is Galaxy Tab S secure?

The Aadhar card number and biometric data are unique for each user. The tablet will use this data verification purposes. This is one of the strongest security feature available a mobile device.

As the tablet requests, biometric data from UIDAI servers, user who are using the Galaxy Tab IRIS for the professional purpose may have to keep data connection enabled in galaxy tab iris.

Maybe the tablet has an app which pops up when the user tries to unlock the screen. The app may ask the user to enable the internet.

tab irisFeatures:

Apart from the dual IRIS scanner setup, the Samsung Galaxy Tab IRIS comes with a back 5 MP camera which supports auto-focus technology.

The tablet has 328 grams weight, and it features an LPDDR3 1.5GB RAM module. It is 9.7 millimeters thin.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab IRIS offers internet connectivity with 3G, 2G, and WiFi(b/n/g) technology. It ships with Bluetooth 4.1 and a 7.0 inches large HD display. There’s a 3600 mAh battery in the IRIS tab.

This Samsung tablet supports high storage capacity MicroSD cards (up to 200 GB capacity). Its internal storage memory has an 8GB capacity. It has a USB 2.0 power and quad-core 1200 MHz processor. Android L 5.0 OS powers the tab.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris seems to be a perfect device for business use. If the authentication feature works well, users won’t be worried about their privacy. They’ll be able to store important documents on the tablet.

The tablet’s owner won’t have to remember passwords, patterns or pin codes.

Pricing and availability

Samsung Galaxy Tab S hasn’t been launched yet. The company is planning to sell the tablet for Rs 13499.

I feel that the Tab S will be one of the most secure tablets in the world? What do you think?


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