The Russia-based security company, Kaspersky has launched a free Kaspersky Cleaner software that will optimize your Windows PC by removing temporary and junk files. The software will also fix system and privacy related issues. The security firm has launched a beta version of its application.

Kaspersky cleaner will compete with Piriform’s CCleaner, one of the most downloaded utility software.

The software’s setup file is being hosted by Kaspersky’s servers. To get started with Kaspersky Cleaner, download and run the setup. The web installer will download important files of the application. The program will be installed after the downloading task completes.

Kaspersky cleaner download

A shortcut to the main executable will also be added to the desktop. When you run the Kaspersky cleaner, you’ll find a large scan button and 4 icons to open the below tools:

  1. System cleaner.
  2. Restore system settings (repair Windows).
  3. Fix privacy issues.
  4. activity trace remover.

When the user clicks on the 1st icon, i.e. system cleanup, Kaspersky will display a list of folders where the Windows OS or other programs have stored junk files. The application displays the folder name along with a checkbox. To delete or prevent Kaspersky from removing an important file, the user must check or uncheck the boxes as shown in the below screenshot.

Kaspersky system cleanup

If you want Kaspersky to repair Windows OS and fix important issues that are affecting the computer’s performance, click the 2nd Icon. Running this tool will fix several problems. For example, if you’re not able to access the taskbar, start menu, control panel, Windows context menu, the Kaspersky Cleaner will fix them.

free windows repair tool

The 3rd Icon i.e. Private browsing allows you to disable Windows modules that try to send your personal or activity data to Microsoft Corporation. You can turn on options like swap file cleaner, disable automatic download of Windows Media Player codecs, clear recent documents list through this tool.

Kaspersky cleaner private browsing

When you’re browsing the web, the browser will save a lot of static HTML/CSS files, sessions, cookies, scripts to your PC. If you use the Internet daily for several hours, there’s no doubt that the storage memory of your computer will have heaps of useless files. These files are saved by the web browser. The Kaspersky Cleaner can find and remove browser related junk files for you. The software will also clear browser history, memory dump, Java applets, etc.

Windows activity trace remover

When the user clicks on the scan icon, Kaspersky will run all the mentioned tools one by one. When scanning is complete, the software will display the number of problems it has detected. It will also display a fix button. When the user clicks this button, Kaspersky will fix all major and minor issues. In other words, It will repair and optimize the Windows operating system.

Kaspersky is a trusted brand. Millions of people use its security products to get rid of ransomware, adware, and virus infections. The functions in its PC cleaner and optimizer software are impressive. It can repair several problems in the Windows OS. Some features of this software are unique.


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