There are 100s of LAN games that you can play online or offline with your friends, but you wouldn’t want to waste your time trying each of them one by one.

For complete entertainment and excitement, you should play the below three best LAN games on your Mac or Windows PC:

Call of Duty: In COD, users get an opportunity to control various combat vehicles, weapons and they play the role of army men. This LAN game simulates yesteryear and future wars. Activision has launched eleven editions of Call of Duty Modern i.e. Warfare, Ghosts, Black Ops, strike team, the finest hour, etc. The latest version i.e. Advanced Warfare will hit the stores by 2015. This FPS game has over ninety million users. It is available for Windows, Nintendo, Wii, MAC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

CS (Counter-Strike): In this FPS LAN game, you have to immerse yourself into one of the ten available characters. There are two teams in Counter-Strike, each with five members (including the character you’ve chosen). Each side is assigned with someĀ tasks. If the team completes the task, it will land on the winning side.

Counter Strike - Best LAN games for Windows computer 2014CS can be installed on laptops and computers with Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems.

Split/Second: This is a multiplayer car racing game in which your only goals are to gather fame and money. In Split/Second, users are allowed to create unique triggers that can decide fate and fortune of other opponents. When you invoke an event, the opponent’s car may get destroyed in an airplane or a building crash. This gameĀ features several challenges (including stunts and drifting). It supports eight online players at a time.

Empire Earth: This LAN game for Windows PC comes with the same story line as the Age of Empires. It features more than twenty civilizations (including Babylon. England, Ancient Greece, Italy, Germany, Korea, and Russia). Empire Earth comes with numerous challenging campaigns. It takes you through more than thirteen ages of human evolution.


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