Most security applications launched by Symantec corporation are paid. To use them, you must buy a 1 or 2 years license. The apps are cheap as they cost within 5 to 50 dollars. Apart from paid apps, Symantec corporation has also launched a free malware, scam cleaner and security threat remover in the form of Norton Power eraser. Thus, if you want to keep your Windows system free from all types of malware, you should run the NPE every day.

This software works without installation. But it requires an internet connection. It can work on computers with average hardware specifications. The latest edition of NPE is lightweight app. It has better and faster anti-malware engine.

To start using this app, just click on its executable file twice. When the main window appears on your desktop, accept the license agreement. Every time your run this software, it will check the Norton portal for a new release.

NPE uses Norton insight cloud technology to detect and remove threats. When any malicious file is detected, Norton power eraser will request the insight platform to analyze the file. If a virus or any other malicious code is found by the insights tool, the tool will make NPE aware of the infection which in turn deletes the infected file.

Norton power eraser features and review (2015)

Rootkit removal: When you run this utility, Norton power eraser will reboot your computer. Once Windows desktop starts, NPE will activate its rootkit scanner. Malware residing in important system folders will be detected and removed automatically (or manually).

The scanner will check .exe files and system dynamic link libraries (.dll) for infection. This security software will also display a message to update any outdated application. I am using Norton Antivirus with latest virus definitions on my laptop. Thus, NPE was not able to detect any malware.

Norton power eraser review

System Scan: On running this tool, NPE will check all executable application on your PC files for virus infection. This process will take more time to execute than the rootkit scanner.

Unwanted application scan: If your computer is loaded with useless applications or if you’ve installed browser plugins/extensions that are slowing down its performance, just start this tool.

NPE network proxy settings

Undo previous fix: If NPE has removed any important file and an application dependent on it is failing to start, you can restore the file with this utility.

Log files: Just like many other Windows security apps, Norton power eraser creates a log file. This file is saved in .xml format. You can access it on your browser. Click on the .xml file and your default web-browser will open it in a new tab.

Norton power eraser malware scan

Network proxy: If you’re using a proxy service for connecting to the internet, you won’t be able to use NPE unless you specify a correct username, password, and port in the network proxy configuration window.

Download NPE for Windows 8.1, 7 or 8 operating system.


  • Fast and powerful malware scanner.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Excellent user interface.


  • Refers online database.
  • Infected files are not repaired.


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