Getting a personal or a business loan approved is not an easy task. You may have to visit the nearest branch of your bank many times to check the application status, verify your details, etc. Whether you’re a salaried person or a business owner, Loans can be a headache. You will have to pay the interest for the same (along with EMI) from time to time. Failure in doing so will create problems in your personal life.

If you’re an internet user, applying for a loan is an easy task because banks have set up web applications for the same in which the user has to enter the details and upload required documents. After submitting the details, you will have to wait for the good or bad news.

If you’re planning to take a loan on EMI basis for shopping a new electronic product or furniture, you should be aware that Bajaj Finserv has introduced a new Experia app that makes this process easy.

With this application, you can easily get a loan of up to 3 lakh Rupees to shop from more than 11000 stores. The user will get instant approval on loans for electronics (laptops, computers, cameras, etc), durable, mobiles and furniture when their details are correct and verified.

Bajaj Finserv Experia application is available for free download on the Google play store as well as Itunes. BFE will ask you to you to choose one of these below three options when you run it:

  1. Quick Apply
  2. Existing customer
  3. New customer.

If you’ve created an account with Bajaj Finserv Experia service, choose this option and sign into your account.

If you want to be a new user of this app, select the 1st or the 2nd choice.

When you choose 2nd or the 1st choice, this app will display a slideshow to make you aware of the loan approval process. It also shows a “continue” and “track” application button.

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Clicking on the continue button will allow the user to login with Twitter, Facebook, Aadhar card or Google Plus account.

You can skip this setup and enter your details manually.

To get an instant approval on the Loan, Bajaj Finserv Experia app will ask you to enter your name, phone number, email address, date of birth, PAN card number and employment details (i.e., salaried or self-employed).

When these details are entered correctly, the user will have to upload some required documents. The details will be verified within a day or two after which you’ll be given allowed to shop from any of the Bajaj Finserv Experia approved store in more than 100 cities.

According to the company, the user will not have to pay prepayment or foreclosure charges, nor they’ll be requested to pay interests on EMI. The customer will have to submit very few documents to get their loans approved (max 300000 Rupees).

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When people buy items that are within their budget, they opt for cash on delivery or net-banking payment method. While purchasing a furniture or costly refrigerator, washing machine or phone, many people will go for Credit card EMI option. Bajaj Finserv Experia app is for the people who prefer to visit nearby malls or stores for shopping.


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