This month, we’ve welcomed a new home appliance to our house. We’ve recently shifted from a row house to a flat where water is supplied through a borewell. You might know the fact that water from borewells is not always 100% pure. It might contain harmful bacteria, yeast and high quantities of salts. When you intake such liquid, you might fall sick from diseases like meningitis, high fever, diarrhea, etc. Thus, to keep myself and family safe from illnesses, I decided to purchase Aquaguard enhance RO water purifier.

This system can handle high TDS water quite well. I was confused between RO, UF, and UV technologies. After researching a bit on Google, I decided to go for the RO purifier. UV or UF filters are recommended for people who use water supplied by the Municipal Corporation. Reverse Osmosis or RO filters can soften heavy/salty water.

I had ordered the purifier from Amazon for 12400 Rs. The system was delivered on time (within four days of ordering). For installation, I had to contact Eureka Forbes customer care. Then I dialed the number which was printed on the packaging box, but no one answered or picked up the call. I then opened the official website of the company and accessed its live chat support to get in touch with the customer care team.

The guy who messaged me through the chat window was helpful. When I explained him my problem, he gave me a toll-free number. I dialed the number and registered a ticket for purifier installation. The technician visited my place on the next day itself.

The technician didn’t waste his time. He removed the purifier from the packaging, and he dissembled the entire unit to check that the components are in a good condition. The system was packed well in a Thermocol case, and it included a manual/warranty card.

The engineer assembled the purifier and connected a white pipe to a water outlet. He also attached a blue tube to the filter to drain impure or rejected H20. He drilled four holes in the wall as shown in the above image. After connecting the pipes, the engineer mounted the RO system on the wall.

Before turning on the water supply, the technician placed a disinfectant tablet in the water container. We were told to empty the filter 2 to 3 times as it was new. We followed his instructions.

We’re using the Eureka Forbes Enhance RO system since three days. The water tastes good, and it is free from the salts and particles that are visible in the tap water. There are six members of our family, and 6 to 7 liters of water is not enough for the entire day. Thus, we keep the Aquaguard Enhance RO purifier on. The filter works without making much sound.

Design and specifications: Whether you mount it on a wall or place it on a clean surface, the purifier looks stylish and modern. Unlike Kent Grand series, the filters in Enhance RO are hidden. This system weighs 8.2 kilograms. It features mineral guard technology that ensures that natural minerals like calcium, magnesium are preserved during the filtration process.

The Enhance RO is an automatic system. When you take the purified water in a glass, the system will automatically fill the 7 liters tank. It can filter water at an excellent rate of 12 liters/minute. This RO purifier comes with EMLE module. Enhance RO requires 230 volts power, and it consumes 35 watts.

Mounting and configuration are easy, but you should leave this to the technician. If anything goes wrong, you might have to spend 1000s of Rupees to get Aquaguard Enhance RO repaired.

Buy Enhance Ro here on Amazon for under 12000 Rs. 


  • Water is purified.
  • Taste is enhanced.
  • 7 liters tank capacity.


  • High AMC costs.
  • Filters are bit expensive.


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