Yesterday, a new and updated version (14.0.2065) of the Opera Mini browser was published for Android users. The new app includes 3 new features and it now comes with support for local 19 Indian languages. When you run its installer, the app will display a list of all supported languages and you have to select one from the list.

Sometimes the browser on a mobile device may throw an error when we try to download a file directly from a URL. The latest version of the Opera Mini app features a new and powerful download manager that leverages a smart algorithm to make sure that files are transferred completely. Thus, direct file downloads are now possible with the Opera Mini.

Some websites display a QR code for downloading a file from the internet. Unless the code is scanned by a phone, you won’t get the file. Opera mini features an inbuilt QR reader and generator tool. OM makes your job easier as you don’t have to install a third-party app for the same.

Most Smartphones powered with Android or Windows phone operating systems come with a data usage tracking tool. If your handset doesn’t include it, install the latest version of OM.

Other important features:

Saving Data: The browser features 2 data saver modes i.e Extreme and high. The extreme mode will maximize the browsing speed, but some web pages may not support this feature and they’ll not load completely. It displays advanced options to disable feeds, change text size, change image quality, protocol. It also allows you to test the internet connection.

The other mode leverages Opera Turbo technology to save data. Unlike the Extreme mode, you are allowed to change the picture quality to improve web page loading speed.

Multiple files download: In Opera mini, you can download many files at the same time. The transfer operation can be paused as well as resumed.

News: Opera Mini displays latest news and top stories on its home window. There’s no option to turn this feature off.

Sync: The browser allows you to share data with many devices using the official Opera file syncing service.

Save links: For quicker access to your favorite web portals, Opera Mini comes with a bookmarking tool. Your bookmarks will be displayed in the main window of the browser.

Download Link

Layouts. For maximizing the viewing area or for using one hand mode, this app features the phone and Classic layouts. For desktop like experience on Phone, the browser includes the tablet layout.


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