Lastpass, the best free and enterprise password manager has been updated to version 4.0. This extension aka web service now has a clean new UI and many exciting features that make the management of your login credentials an easy task.

Lastpass 4.0 has a powerful search module. When you type a letter in it, the application will display a list of websites whose names begin with the letter or word you’ve entered. This feature makes sure that you find and log into your favorite service quickly.

The dashboard displays icons of websites in larger tiles. When you hover your mouse cursor on the tile, LastPass will display options to launch the website in the browser, edit login data, etc.

Navigation to essential functions is now easier as you will find menus to manage sites, secure notes and settings in the left sidebar of LastPass 4.0.

new features lastpass

The revamped dashboard of LastPass allows you to switch between Grid and List view mode. It has a sort function to arrange stored websites alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

This application has a sharing center module that allows you to share your login data with other people. According to the developers, this feature will eliminate the need of saving passwords in a text file or paper.

lastpass 4 shared folders

This password manager displays floating buttons to add new folders, share items and add secure notes to the saved website. There’s a button to add a new site.

LastPass allows you to create more than five types of notes.

If something bad happens to you, your relatives will get access to your saved passwords with the new Emergency access feature of LastPass 4.0.

The user will have to specify a time value after which the third trusted person will be able to access your LastPass data. He’ll also have to enter the email address of the trusted person in the sharing center.

lastpass sharing center

How this feature works?

If you don’t log into your LastPass account for n days (you’ve set n’s value), your relative will be able to access the saved passwords.

In case you’re not comfortable with the new features, the dashboard has an option to rollback Lastpass to version 3.0

The above new features have been added to Android, Windows, Mac and IOS versions of LastPass. If you’re using an older version of the password manager, this application will be updated automatically. Thus, don’t be surprised to find new modules. If this doesn’t happen, visit the official website to get the update.


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