Developers of the fastest browser in the world i.e. Ucbrowser has just launched its new service for Indian citizens. This service allows its user to find trains between stations. It lists details on fare and seat availability. It also lets you check the PNR status and find the current location of any train.

The IRCTC website includes these all tools for the users, but before it can produce any data, users must enter the frustrating captcha codes.

Using the new UCBrowser’s feature doesn’t need its users to log on the website. The service also lacks captcha challenges. This new inquiry system ( comes integrated with the browser app. It can also be accessed through any desktop browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. If used through the application, this utility will remember the PNR. Hence, you don’t need to enter the code each time.

UCBrowser lets you check PNR status and find trains without captcha

As of now, the seat booking feature is in the development, and we might see it live in action in the next UCbrowser update. This online tool has an easy to use interface. It lacks the auto-complete feature, but it maintains a useful alphabetical index of all train stations in India.

When the user clicks on it, he’ll see a list of all stations starting with the associated letter. If the list is long, the user can make use of the search utility of the browser or website. Real time train location finder is a cool utility in this service. It displays precise arrival and departure times.

Key features of UCBrowser:

  • QR code generator and scanner.
  • Lets you zip/unzip files.
  • Inbuilt utility to upload photos.
  • Download manager.
  • Uses cloud computing technology.
  • Loads website pages faster than other similar software.
  • Supports bookmarking and sharing information on WiFi networks.
  • Allows customization.
  • Includes many cool themes.
  • Free 6GB storage on Udisk.

This tool can be accessed through the latest versions of UCbrowser. So update your IOS, Android, Symbian or Windows app today itself.


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