Blinds deters birds, cats, monkeys and other animals from invading your home. It also stops people from spying into your private life. This home accessory is useful in may ways. Blinds have a small drawback that users must open and close it manually.

To solve this problem, a group of engineers from Utah has presented an Eco-friendly gadget named Tilt My Blinds. This device features a cell that generates current from solar energy. It includes a tilting motor that works with its inbuilt light sensor to close or open blinds automatically. For some reason, if you don’t want to use Solar cell, you can add an LI-ON battery. The concept is good.

This gadget is fitted with Bluetooth 4.0. Thus, users can remotely control its activities by connecting their IOS or Android smartphone with TMB. TiltMyBlinds can be wirelessly paired with a smart switch. The switch can be attached to any type of surface with a tape or an adhesive. You don’t need to use a drilling machine nor you have to install any holder.

Tilt My Blinds

This accessory for homes supports all types of blind trays. It is easy to install. It measures 18.5 x 1.7x 0.37 inches in dimensions.

Tilt My Blinds will be officially launched by February next year for an expected $70 price tag. If you have a large house or hall then TiltMyBlinds is a must have gadget for you. It is one of the best automation systems for your house. Its future versions are expected to have more interesting features.


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