If you want to keep a track of your daily activities through a gadget, then you should try the Polar M400 smartwatch. This device can calculate your running and walking distance through its inbuilt GPS system.

The GPS supplies information on the current latitude and longitude to the processing hardware of the watch. This information is then processed to calculate the walked distance.

If you’re trying to shed your weight then M400 is a perfect gadget for you. It features a counter that gets automatically updated when a calorie is burnt from your body. It can connect to Polar’s web-service and Bluetooth-enabled smartphones.

Polar M400 allows users to set their daily fitness goals. It is incorporated with a high contrast display that flaunts 128 x 128 pixels resolution.

Polar M400

This smartwatch monitors your sleep. It is preloaded with an alarm clock utility. With Polar app, you can get access to detailed training and activity reports. You can use the report module for getting detailed insight your daily fitness activities.

M400 allows you to test your fitness level easily. It packs with a rechargeable battery that delivers 24 hours of backup. It is 11.5 mm thin.

This smartwatch from Polar weighs around 57 grams. It can be purchased online for
$200 in 2 color options. Users also have the option to use Polar M400 with or without a heart rate sensor.

If users want to monitor their heart rate through this smartwatch, then they’ll have to spend extra $50 to get it. M400 will rival the Rs 10000 priced Martian Notifier in India.


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