A few days back, Opera had released a major update for its official Android browser. Today, it has launched a new version of the desktop browser (v.35). Opera Stable version 35 ships in a 43 MB setup, but when you install it, the software will take 163 megabytes storage memory on your PC.

Below are the important changes and features that you will find in ODB (version 35).

Some websites play an audio file in the background immediately after you open them. This can be annoying for the user. Suppose you’re reading a thriller story on a web page. When you click on a hyperlink, the browser opens a new tab and it starts playing an annoying track. Will you enjoy this?

Opera 35 has a new feature that allows you to prevent this annoyance. When the user right clicks on any tab, the software will display a context menu. The menu features a mute tab option which on clicked, will prevent windows from playing the sound played by the website. All opened tabs can be easily muted.

opera 35 mute tabs

The download section in Opera 35 boasts a new UI. When you download any file, the Window will display the below useful details:

  • Download folder and progress.
  • File type.
  • Source URL.

PDF, Archive, Video, music and document files will be automatically arranged by the Opera 35. The earlier version of Opera shipped with a strange bug. Whenever a user tried to download a file from a website, the browser stopped unexpectedly and no error or warning messages were displayed. This behavior of the Opera browser was confusing for the user.

opera 35 desktop downloads

In some cases, the download operation failed and the user had to restart the file downloading task from scratch. Zhenis, the product manager at Opera Inc has claimed that the user will no longer encounter this error as the bug has been fixed.

The browser now supports customization. You can now decide which modules should appear in its main window.

opera 35 desktop customization

Download Links: Windows, Linux,  Macintosh

I tried to install Opera 35 on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS OS. The Ubuntu software center aka package manager was able to recognize the setup file, but for some reasons, it was not able to install the software. The software center was stuck when changes were being applied to the system. Have you installed Opera 35? Did you like the new changes?


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