Android and IOS Phones launched these days are smart. They can be used to watch movies, play high-definition games, chat with friends, etc. Do you know that smartphones also allow you to perform reverse phone lookup operation? Yes, There are some cool apps that can make you aware of vital details of any caller. The details include geographic location, name, reputation, etc.

If you’re getting a missed or blank calls from an unknown caller, you can use the below apps to find whose number is this free on your Android or IOS handset or tablet.

Best Apps to find details of Unknown Caller ID or Phone Number


It is a free phone number lookup app for Android and IOS. It is a small app that requires few megabytes of storage memory for installation. Before you can start using Truecaller, you’ll have to:

  • Verify your number
  • Register an account.

How to verify your number and create an account in Truecaller?

Once you download, install and run Truecaller, it will display a verification window with a phone number and country code text-fields. These two fields will help you to verify your Truecaller account. So make sure that you enter the correct data. The app will automatically detect and set your country code. For verification, you must:

  1. Enter your mobile number in the number field.
  2. Tap on submit button.

Once you do this, Truecaller will send you a text message with a verification number. Enter this number in the text field you see on your phone’s screen. Once your number has been successfully verified, you’ll have to create an account. To create one, you can either sign in with your linked in, Twitter or Google account or you’ll have to register your account manually by entering your name, email-id.

The app will read your contact list, inbox and call logs. It will also track your position.

Here are the important features of Truecaller:

Profile: Users are allowed to create a Truecaller profile. The profile includes your image, address, website, email and phone number.

Search: This feature allows you to find the name, address, cell phone number and exact location of any person in the world. You can search a person by name or mobile number.

History: This app will display recent messages, calls in its history tab.

Suggested: This feature is similar to your phone’s speed dialer. It will display a list of most dialed contact numbers.

Blocking: Truecaller can easily block text messages or nuisance calls from any number. Use this feature if your phone doesn’t have a preinstalled utility to block unknown callers.

Discover: This app will display contact number/information of all people who are in the same area. For example, if my current location is XYZ street in Canada, Truecaller will display users residing near XYZ street.

Caller ID: With this feature, you can change app preferences, theme, popup notification position, etc.


  • Easy to use.
  • good features.
  • Nice user interface.


  • Requires active WiFi or data connection.

Download Truecaller for Android or IOS.


This app will make you aware of its top features when you run it for the 1st time. It allows you to download the database of millions of callers for offline use.

Whoscall has a settings window that allows Android phone users to customize the appearance of the app or disable/enable its features. It has a tagging feature with which you can make other WhosCall users aware of an unknown caller ID (phone number) or a spammer. It also has an option to block calls. It can show you the location of the caller.

The app will automatically categorize messages. If it detects any spam messages, WhosCall will mark with a red color text. For example, if there’s a promotional message in my inbox, this app will add “Sales” text below its number. This is its coolest feature.

Download Whoscall for Android.

CIA (Caller ID and Info app)

This app runs on over 2 million phones. Thus, it has been added to our list. Creating an account in CIA app is optional. This app has a phone number lookup utility that can be used to find details of an unknown caller. You can also tap on the contact number to get information of its owner.

To use these 2 features, you must connect your handset to the internet. CIA displays call and SMS log on its home window. It allows users to back up their numbers online. CIA makes you aware of what people have named you in their contact. This app can block mobile phone numbers.

CIA has a decent interface and it is very easy to use. It can be run on Apple iPhone, iPad and all types of Android devices.

Download CIA for Android.


It is yet another popular free app to the find the caller of an unknown phone number. To use it, you should create a contactive account. Just like Truecaller, this app allows you to sign-up up with your email address. You can even log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Instead of maintaining an online database, Contactive uses social networks to find details of the person who is calling you. This is its highlighting feature. The app has utility to update information in your existing contacts through Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google+, Gmail.

This app maintains a list of recently called contacts. It allows you to edit or add a new contact. It allows you to connect your phone to PC through a Google Chrome extension. To know the location of a user in Contactive, you’ll have to tap on the contact number. Contactive has limited but useful features. It has good UI.

Download Contactive for Android

Note: Apart from these above apps, you can also use the free DND (do not disturb) service to block useless SMS and calls on your Android, iPad or iPhone.


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