Instagram is one of the most popular websites for sharing images. It has affected the popularity of Flickr, Google Photos, etc. Although you can access your Instagram account on browser and upload pics, comment, some people prefer using the standalone app instead of the website as it is faster and offers a better experience. Instagram has made its apps available for all major operating systems.

If you find most features in the app useless and want to see the images uploaded by your friends and comment on them, you should try out the Ramme cross-platform desktop Instagram client.

Ramme is an open-source program that gives you a full access to your Instagram profile. It is available for Apple MAC, Linux, and Microsoft Windows OS.

How to use Ramme, the free Instagram desktop client?

Download Ramee ZIP file on your PC, extract it and double-click on the executable file. The OS will open window where you’ll find the Instagram logo and option to log into the photo sharing site with Facebook or a password.


Ramme for Windows has a search option through which you can find posts by their hashtag, new images, or discover new people. You are allowed to follow new topics that you find in the search interface.

The program has a notification panel where users will find new interactions and activities that took place when they were not logged into the site. The activities are related to your profile only.

The software allows users to make changes to their profile. You can change your bio, website, and even disable the Instagram account.

By default, the Instagram client app shows 12 thumbnails at a time. It displays a large load more button below the last row of thumbnails. You must click on this button to view more pictures uploaded by the user.

Ramme doesn’t impose any limitations on the Instagram service when you’re using it. You can share your feelings by leaving comments on your favorite pictures.


The app has a couple of frustrating issues.

  1. When the user selects the sign in with FB account option and enters valid login details, the Ramme program will open FB profile instead of Instagram. Users must click on the navigation bar in FB to visit Instagram. The solution is strange but it works.
  2. The scroll bar was not appearing when I was using the app. I used the tab key scrolling down.

Conclusion: Ramme is a nice app but it has some annoying bugs. Its source code and executables are available on GitHub. Hopefully, the developer and GitHub community will fix the issues soon and unleash a better version of the promising app Ramme.


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