Many people around the world prefer laptops with the latest hardware over traditional desktop computers because they are portable and powerful. Although companies have launched tablets and powerful with powerful hardware, you will hardly find a tablet/phone that packs 8GB RAM. Notebooks with good configuration have several advantages over desktops and mobile devices.

If you want to buy a notebook for everyday use or gaming, you can refer the 10 notebooks we’ve shortlisted in this article. Our list features top-class laptops under 40000 Rs that pack up to 8GB RAM, latest 7th or 6th Generation Core i5 processor.

The laptops offer Windows or DOS and have great features. They have an Intel HD, AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GPU.

8 Best laptop under 40000 with i5 processor and 8GB RAM

8HP 15-be015TX

HP be015TX is one of the best Core i5 processor powered gaming laptops on this list. It comes with a 6th generation Core i5 Intel 2.50 GHz processor which supports Intel Turbo Boost mode. Asus has incorporated its laptop with 4GB DDR4 RAM and Free Disk OS.

This HP laptop has 1TB Serial ATA storage and DVD-RW dual layer drive. It is powered by an AMD Radeon M430 graphics processing unit and has 2GB video memory.

The be015TX HP laptop ships with an high-definition web camera. It has a LED backlit 15.6 inches display with a 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. This HP laptop boasts HDMI, VGA, USB, RJ45 LAN, headphone connectivity port, multi-card slots. It offers DTS Studio sound enabled speakers.

The price of HP be015TX laptop is 40900 INR.

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7HP 15-AY503TU

Priced at 41930 Rs, this HP laptop is powered by a dual-core 2000 MHz Core i5 Intel processor (with Turbo Boost). AY503TU has a 1TB capacity SATA hard disk drive and 4GB high-speed DDR4 RAM module. It has a 15.6-inch LED BrightView LED-backlit display.

AY503TU features the Intel HD 520 graphics processor and it comes with an HDMI and 2+ USB Ports. It includes 2 HD speakers and web-camera.

AY503TU includes a battery which gives 5 hours of backup power. It runs on the 64-bit Windows 10 O.S. It comes pre-installed with useful software and has a lightweight build.

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6 HP 15-ay516TX laptop

15-ay516TX is one of the finest HP laptops within 40000 Rs range. It employs the processing power of Intel dual-core Core i5 sixth-generation processor. It comes with DDR4 4GB RAM along with a storage capacity of 1 terabyte.

HP ay516TX runs on disk operating system and it has a 1366 x 768 pixels resolution set 15.6 inches LED display. It packs a powerful AMD graphics processing unit coupled with a 2GB dedicated video memory. Hence, you can use this machine for gaming purposes.

This HP laptop has a 720p web camera. It includes a battery which gives 3 to 4 hours of backup power. The notebook from HP has a 2.2 kilograms weight and it has 30.4 millimeters thickness. It supports Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wireless LAN.

The HP ay516TX laptop costs Rupees 42900.

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5Dell Inspiron 3567

Inspiron 3567 is the latest everyday use laptop from Dell that costs under 40000 Rs. It offers a seventh generation Intel Core i5 dual-core processor that has a base clock speed of 2.5 GHz. It employs AMD Radeon M340 graphics processor and has 2GB VRAM.

The Inspiron 3567 laptop features a 4GB DDR4 RAM module and a 5400 RPM 1 Terabyte capacity hard disk drive. It comes installed with 64-bit disk operating system.

The Dell laptop features an high-definition 15.6-inch display, dual array Microphone system and a DVD burner. Inspiron 3567 packs an SD card reader. It weighs about 2.3 kilograms and costs 38000 Rs.

Inspiron 3567 is the best Dell laptop under 40000 with i5 processor.

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4HP 14q-BU008TU

Equipped with a 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel 7th Generation Core I5 processor, the HP BU008TU notebook has 3MB cache memory and it runs on the Windows 10 Home Edition OS. This budget laptop has a 14-inch LED-backlit HD display that offers an HD 1366 by 768 pixels resolution.

The notebook has 4GB DDR4 RAM, and 1TB SATA HDD (hard disk). It features high-definition web camera, Intel HD 560 graphics processing unit, dual-layer DVD-RW drive, 2 high-quality speakers, microphone, and a 4 cell lithium-ion battery.

This HP laptop under 40000 Rs comes with USB 2.0/3.0, RJ45 LAN, HDMI, VGA ports. It includes a card reader. The notebook offers Bluetooth, WiFi wireless connectivity options. It weighs at 2.2 Kgs.

The HP BU008TU laptop’s price is Rupees 39900.

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3Acer Aspire E5-575

This laptop from Acer has a Core i5 2500 MHz Intel 7200U 7th Generation processor along with 8GB DDR4 RAM module. The processor supports 64-bit OS and it has 3MB of system cache memory. E5-575 provides 1024 GB HDD. The laptop includes good quality Acer Harmony speakers and offers a decent battery backup.

Aspire E5-575 features 15.6 inches high-definition LED-backlit display and packs Intel HD graphics chip. It flaunts a 720p webcam and HDMI, USB ports. As this notebook has a powerful processor, the performance of applications will be great. The Acer notebook includes Acer’s Crystal Eye web camera and has a CD/DVD writer. Its price is Rupees 37000.

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2Lenovo 320E laptop

Lenovo has equipped the 320E Ideapad series laptop with an Intel core i5 7th Generation processor and an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX GPU. The Lenovo Ideapad 320E laptop has 4GB DDR4 RAM and it features a massive 1TB hard disk storage.

The notebook runs the 64-bit free disk operating system. It has a battery that gives a total 300 minutes of backup power on a single charge (4.8 hours). Hence, the Lenovo 320E is suitable for office or business use. If you use the Ideapad 320E notebook for gaming, the battery backup will be up to 3 hours.

Lenovo 320E has a 15.6 inch HD LED anti-glare display that has 1366 by 768 pixels screen resolution. It also includes a high-definition web camera. This device includes support for Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and includes USB ports, HDMI port, etc.

Lenovo Ideapad 320E costs 40990 Rupees in India.

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1Acer E15 (DOS Version)

One of the latest laptops on our list, Acer E15 packs an Intel dual-core Core i5 7th Generation processor, which clocks at 2.2 GHz speed and has 3 megabytes cache memory. The CPU can function in the turbo boost mode. The clock rate will increase up to 3.1 GHz when you enable this mode.

Acer E15 has 8GB DDR4 system memory. Installed with 1TB storage (5400 RPM), DL DVD-RW drive, this laptop has a large 15.6 inch HD LED display. E15 has as NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card along with 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory for handling graphics in games.

E15 is a budget Acer gaming laptop that comes with the free DOS, HD web camera, and stereo speakers. It offers 5 to 6 hours battery backup. It includes RJ45 LAN, Mic In, HDMI, and VGA ports. This notebook packs a multi-card reader.

Specifications of this Acer product are impressive. The Acer Aspire E15 costs 39000 Rupees. It is the best gaming laptop under 40000 Rs in India.

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Conclusion: HP 15-be015TX, AY503TU, ay516TX, BU008TU, Dell Inspiron 3567, Acer Aspire E5-575, Lenovo 320E and Acer E15 are the 8 best laptop under 40000 with i5 processor.

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  1. Simran

    Gaming is better in laptops with graphics card 940M or 940mx

    940mx is said to be starting series if you wanna play every game.

    Why didn’t you include those laptops?

  2. lesjin joe mathew

    Hey, I’d like to add an SSD to my old laptop. I have backed up everything on my External Hard drive from the old hard drive. Please tell me how I will be able to restore the software from the external hard drive. Really confused!

  3. Nikhil

    I am presently working as a cad engineer and I want to buy a new laptop for using cad software like NX and CATIA. My colleague’s views are different for various laptops due to which I’m bit confused in product selection.
    Please guide me. My budget is up to 40K.

  4. ppankaj

    I want to buy 15-ac149tx but it has less core processor. Is it good or bad for a normal work?
    Can this laptop connect to a projector?

  5. faizal meman

    try buy Dell Inspiron APU Quad Core A10 – (8 GB/1 TB HDD/Windows 10/2 GB Graphics) Z566120HIN9 5555 Notebook
    or buy Lenovo Ideapad 500-15ACZ Notebook (80K40038IH)
    or acer aspire apu quad core a10

  6. Aniruddhsinh

    If laptop has i3 5th gen and amd graphics 4 GB ram can support auto cad and that type of programming smoothly ??

  7. Chandrashekar

    I’m looking to buy a good quality, long lasting laptop for office and personal use. Budget 40K. Please suggest best laptops in popular brands.

  8. What is wrong with buying the laptop having AMD’s processor and graphic card? I mean what are the pros and cons of buying an AMD system vs Intel system?

    • Nothing wrong. I am using a laptop with AMD GPU + CPU since 1 year. The laptop supports virtualization. I use Windows 10 and Open Suse Leap 42.1 OS on it. No issues so far.

  9. pratik apte

    Bro can you suggest a good laptop for heavy video editing under 80000 ? 🙂

  10. I want to know about the ASUS laptop which is Asus R558UF-XO044D. Does it have LCD or LED screen? Can I use these Linux Distros – Kali or backtrack? How is the ASUS after sales service? I mean are they better than others like dell or hp. And my last question is why the laptop is not listed on official website of ASUS

    • It has LED backlit display (as per the product listing page of 2 online retailers). The 2 Linux distros you’ve mentioned are not hardware demanding. The laptop should be able to run them. Kindly check the requirements of the 2 operating systems for more details. I can’t comment about the customer support. If Asus has a ticket based support system, then you shouldn’t worry about the support because the ticket will remain open until the issue gets resolved.

  11. Shivam

    I am planning to buy a new laptop under 60K but I am confused. I like Dell and Apple brands. I want a laptop for day to day use with a perfect value for money. Kindly help me out.

  12. Hi Chandan!
    Popular brands have their service centers in all states. Don’t worry about the brand. Check the specs of the laptops and chose one that meets your requirements.

  13. tanay

    I want a laptop for hardcore gaming like assassins creed and advanced warfare and also for project work under 35k?? I searched many laptops but I am confused. Please help me

  14. Rupam Debnath

    Hi Pramod,
    I have a budget of 35k. I am into hardcore gaming, so Nvidia 2gb graphics is a must along with Quad core processor or Intel i3/i5/i7 that can give me around 2 GHz clock speed, lesser with turbo boost is also preferred. I am OK with Windows 7/8. I searched a lot in ASUS, Lenovo, but unable to make a decision. Either I am getting AMD Radeon (not preferred) with overall good speed and Windows Or I am getting Nvidia but with DOS and lesser clock speed. Please suggest me few good laptops.

  15. Piyush

    I am looking forward to buying a laptop for my computer science engineering course. I think I will be requiring both Windows and Linux OS. My budget is Rs 40000. What laptops will you recommend?

    • Pramod Choudhary

      Core I3 4th or 5th gen laptop with 8GB RAM. You can get this configuration easily for within 34K to 38K Rs. I am recommending 8GB RAM because you might have to run powerful IDEs like Visual studio, Eclipse,…etc. IDEs are memory hogging applications and to run without lags/performance issues, you’ll need a machine with a lot of RAM

  16. sam

    hey pramod i want to buy a laptop and my budget is around rs30000-40000
    i want to buy laptop.for my gamming’multimedia and for internet surfing which laptop should i choose plz guide me..:-)

  17. Mike Chadha

    I recently picked up a lenovo with an AMD A-8 Processor for 24000. Upon trying to use the Internet the scene was dim & letters grainy . I returned same to the store who recommended a lenovo with higher specs . So I paid 15k extra & got a lenovo Z50-70, with Intel I3 process 4th gen with 8 gb ram & 1 tb hdd. Unfortunately same problem . Media & ms office is fine but the screen is very dim when checking emails & Web . Want to exchange it with a think pad but it has the same problem . Do I go for a HP Pavilion. Why are these laptops having poor quality screens ?

    • Pramod

      AMD A8 processor is as good as core i3. For gamers, this CPU is better than core i3 as you get a discrete GPU that handles games & graphics. I have purchased G50 series notebook with the same A8 processor and 8GB RAM. All i can say is that the laptop is awesome. It offers 3GB of video RAM and 6.5GB system memory. I’m not sure why you’re facing this issue. Try changing the power plan to increase brightness. The brightness is good in G50. If this doesn’t work, contact lenovo support. They might help you out in this issue!

  18. S. Thomas

    I’m looking for a 14 inch notebook in the Rs 30-35,000 price range – and there’s not a single one mentioned in your list. What your be your choice among the 14 inchers? I’m okay with notebooks with the AMD quad-core APUs.

  19. Ayushman SIngh

    Dude… Is there any FULL HD laptop out there(1080p) with 2gb graphics card around 40,000rs
    Plz reply ASAP!

    • Sourav

      yeah, the Acer Aspire e5-551g is perfect for you at 32000. It has 2gb graphics, along with AMD a10 processor which has a clock speed of 3.2ghz. It also has 8GB RAM and 7 hrs battery backup.

  20. Sahil Garg

    hello PRAMOD
    thanks for sharing this info, i am having prob in my recent acer E1 Laptop, so thinking about buying a New one. i have made my mind on Dell In Inpiron 15. but tell me one thing about Clock Speed which is Good 1.8 GHz or higher like 2.4 GHz. BTW thanks for sharing such info here.

  21. Dee Ann Rice

    I would really like to get a new laptop as mine is several years old now. I have not really been looking recently so it was interesting to read your post.

    You have several brands of computers represented in your post. Which brand would you recommend? I guess the two I think are the best and have had the least problems with are Lenovo and Acer. I am running on an Acer right now and had a Lenovo prior to that. The thing I did not like about the Lenovo is that particular one had a partitioned hard drive. The running system had its on partition of the C drive. The problem is that partition very quickly became to small for the running system and it was almost impossible to even use it.

    What do you think of the Mac Book. I am very seriously thinking of getting an Apple laptop for my next computer. I think they have much less problems with viruses and people I have talked to who have switched over love the Apple. I have an Apple iPhone and iPad and love them.


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