Khan academy, a 10 years old online platform for learning with over 3 million users in the US has launched Hindi version of the site for the Indian students and teachers. This site now gives you an access to over 70 educational Hindi videos and quizzes for class 5, 6, 7 and 8 students. It also offers various English courses for students. Unlike private tutors, KA will is completely free. It will not charge the user for accessing the content and courses available on the site.

Launched by Salman Khan as a nonprofit organization, KA has changed the way kids learn in the US. Before this service became popular, many parents in the United States used to rely on coaching classes to make sure their kids are competitive and score good grades in the schools. Now parents make their kids use Khan Academy instead of sending them to private tuitions. The Khan Academy might have a similar impact here in India.

How to use Hindi version of KA?
Open Khan academy on your phone or desktop. Click on the pre-selected green button and choose the login method (Facebook or Google). You can sign in as a teacher or a parent who wants to make his children learn online.

When the user is signed in, he’ll see a dashboard. To start learning, the user has to select a subject of his choice and its subcategory.

Depending on the selection, you’ll see a YouTube video or an interactive test in which you’ll have to enter the correct answers.

khan academy hindi India

As of now, this website is offering only Math classes for students of class 5th to 8th standard. New courses are expected to be added soon. The courses will be based on syllabus recommended by NCERT.

Khan Academy is a good platform and it lacks all sorts of distractions that make learning difficult. The website is intuitive and its courses are easy to understand and learn.


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