As a kid, I remember watching technology shows on Discovery channel that featured computers without keyboards and pointing device. It looks like HP engineers were watching the show too as the company’s latest computer Sprout is based on a similar concept.

This new PC from the tech giant comes with a tough gesture-enabled trackpad that functions as both mouse and keyboard. The computer is stylish and it has a refreshing design. It has a full high definition 23 inches display which is fitted with an HP projector at the top.

The screen is large. Thus, you can watch movies or TV shows on it. The projector projects various elements on the mat. The user has to tap on the objects they see on the mat (just as they do on touchscreen smartphones). This is how this machine takes user input.

HP Sprout PC is fitted with an Intel Core i7 processor. It has a 14.6 megapixels real Sense camera and 1TB hard disk drive. It has the ability to scan multi-dimensional objects.

hp sprout pc

This machine runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 OS. It supports wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity. Sprout PC packs 8GB of RAM, integrated Intel 4600 graphics chip and a powerful GT 745A NVIDIA graphics processor. Thus, it can be used for gaming purposes as well.

Talking about the price, Sprout PC costs around $1900 (116000 Rs in India). It is the best alternative to the Apple Retina iMac. Apple’s machine has 5k resolution.

This HP PC will be available for purchase from the 9th of November onward. If you’re planning to buy a high budget computer, then don’t ignore this HP beast. Initially, you may feel a bit awkward while using the keyboard. You’ll simply love the projector based keyboard when you get used to it.

HP Sprout has a unique design. Will you buy it for $1200?


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