Auto rickshaws are one of the best and safest modes of transportation in India. Although the cost of traveling in a bus and ARs is same, people prefer traveling in the three-wheeler because of its compact size.

Apart from providing a pleasurable experience to the traveler, Auto Rickshaws helps a driver earn his living. In metro cities such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Vadodara, Bengaluru, Pune a person can easily earn 15000 to 35000 Rs per month by driving rickshaws.

Auto companies manufacture auto rickshaws locally. Hence, you’ll find their spare parts easily in a nearby automobiles shop.

If you’re planning to purchase an auto rickshaw or want to start a dealership/franchise business in India, you may be interested in knowing the latest auto rickshaw price list.

Rickshaws are not expensive. You can easily buy them for up to 170000 INR. Below are the features and price list of top passenger three-wheelers in India for 2018.

Bajaj auto rickshaw price list, and specifications

Bajaj is one of the top auto manufacturers in India. It sells 1000s of 150cc motorcycles and 125cc bikes every month in India. Apart from bikes, Bajaj manufactures one of the most reliable, durable, high-performance auto rickshaw called Bajaj RE.

Trust me, folks! I’ve seen more RE rickshaws than any other three-wheelers on the roads. It is one of the best-selling three-wheelers in the world. RE has a superb design, great mileage and has generated employment for over 500K people in India. Bajaj Sells the following five models of auto rickshaws under the RE brand.

  • Compact, optima.
  • Compact 4s.
  • Maxima.

re auto bajaj auto rickshaw price list 2016


The above rickshaws support petrol, LPG, CNG. They come with one year warranty. The Bajaj RE auto rickshaws offer comfortable experience to the passengers and the driver.

The latest generation (2017/2018 models) of Bajaj RE three-wheelers have 198 to 448 cc engines. They have weight within 330 to 450 kilograms. Depending upon the fuel type, the engine in the rickshaws generates 6.19 to 9.0 kW power and torque of up to 20 Nm at the rate of 4500 RPM.

Bajaj RE Compact 4S rickshaws have four forward and one reverse gear transmission module. Here’s the gradability table for the three-wheelers.

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All models of Bajaj Re rickshaws have the latest DTSi engine, which offers nice mileage in any city. They have good design and extra space for the driver’s legs. The rickshaws feature a durable chassis built with strong metal.

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Baja RE Price: Within Rs 150000 to 200000.

Mahindra Alfa auto rickshaw

mahindra alfa auto rickshaw price in India

Mahindra is a renowned brand in India that manufactures luxury and non-luxury cars. It is best known for top selling cars in India such as Mahindra XUV, Bolero, etc. The firm has introduced an array of three wheelers in India. One of its most popular three-wheelers is Alfa.

Like Bajaj RE, Alfa is a three seater auto rickshaw that has the option to load luggage, goods at the back of the seat. It has a unique design and Mahindra has launched the below three variants of Alfa auto rickshaw:

  • DX
  • Champ
  • Compfy

Below are the specifications and price list of Mahindra Alfa three-wheelers:

Mahindra has equipped all its auto-rickshaws with a four-stroke 436cc air-cooled engine which produces 7.5 BHP power at 3600 RPM and a superb torque of 18 NM at 2400 RPM.

The three-wheelers feature a mesh transmission system and multi-plate wet clutch module. They have a top speed of up to 53 KMPH and have a fuel tank capacity of 10.5 liters.

Mahina auto-rickshaws provide a car like spring system. They feature a powerful motor that starts instantly in extreme weather conditions.

Mahindra Alfa price: Within 140000 to 151000 Rs.

Piaggio Ape City auto rickshaw

mahindra ace city auto rickshaw price

Piaggio is one of the most respected three wheeler manufacturers in India. It gives Bajaj a stiff competition when it comes to auto rickshaws. The Ape City AR from this firm is a top-rated product with great features and smart design. It offers nice features at an affordable price.

The Piaggio auto-rickshaw packs a three valve fuel controller and a comfortable cabin for the driver. The three-wheeler features durable multi-disc clutch. It features a strong cabin for passenger seats and additional space for their luggage.

Piaggio Ape City includes a beautiful dashboard. When it comes to technical details, PAC offers a 436 cc single cylinder air cooled engine, which generates 52 kW power and 18 NM torque at 3300/2200 RPM. It has five gears (4 forward and 1 reverse). Like other auto-rickshaws covered on this list, the Ape City provides drum brakes.

Ape City price: Between 100000 to 150000 INR.

Conclusion: India is a home to plenty of automobile manufacturers. Hence, you must be careful while choosing a costly product such as auto rickshaw. As per reviews, RE is the top three-wheeler. So, your first option should be Bajaj RE. Other three-wheelers are as good as RE. Hence, you can consider buying them.


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