India’s and China’s economy is growing at a very fast rate. Thus, the pollution in the subcontinental region is high. With the rising prices of fossil fuels and with the growing global warming crisis, established organizations are trying to develop Eco-friendly gadgets, electronic equipment, vehicles, etc. One such organization is Mahindra group’s electric car manufacturing division i.e. Reva.

The company was incorporated when Reva electric vehicles Private Limited was taken over by Mahindra. This unit manufactures Eco-friendly electric vehicles. At the Auto Expo show, the company unveiled its latest Halo electric car. This new car has managed to get wide attention from technology lovers in India. It has been designed to run without consuming petrol or diesel.

Mahindra Reva Halo Features

Reva’s Halo is a two-seat two-door car. Claimed to reach the top speeds around 200 KMPH, this car would come with a 140 bhp powerful engine. Halo can reach from 0 to 100 KMPH within 7 seconds. Isn’t this impressive? Expected to cost in India for a price tag around 2900000 to 3500000 lakhs, this electric vehicle would be sold in the local as well the company’s international markets. At this price, you can buy an Audi.

As you can see below (the leaked image of Mahindra Reva Halo), the car looks beautiful, and it has an elegant design. It should be a hit in the country if it priced below 15 lakhs. Halo is nature-friendly, and it looks stylish. The car will enter into production soon.

mahindra reva halo price in India | specifications

Key features:

  • Powerful engine.
  • Two door/2 seats.
  • 0 – 100 speeds in 7 seconds.
  • 200 kilometers per hour max speed.
  • Runs without petrol/diesel or CNG.

Stay tuned for more updates! Your thoughts are welcomed.


  1. Amey

    So, you want to say that a car that can reach 100kmph in 7 sec is not worth 35 lakh? And the writer is so stupid to suggest that the car should cost under 15lakh? Which car under 15lakh gives you that performance to start with? Its a sports car, not a family vehicle. You don’t get an Audi sports car for 35 lakh, multiply that number by 3 and that is the minimum price of an Audi sports car. Add to that, the range of 200kms is not at all, for a country like India. Only if they could provide a bit more range, like around 300km, although then the cost would rise to around 40lakh, which is still better than most sports car. Or, instead of increasing the range, increase the power to 200hp.

    • Rohit

      If i had 40 or 35 lk Rs i would have bought an audi instead of mahindra hallo. Audi, Mercedes or BMW vehicles are 100 times better in terms of design and features

  2. tapan

    hope car price mentioned in this article is a typo mistake else not a single will be sold whatever be the benefit with halo


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