Google Pixel C is the 1st Android 6.0 tablet that features the powerful Nvidia Tegra X1 chip. Google has manufactured it. This is the 2nd device in the pixel series. The 1s one is the Chromebook Pixel 2015. The tab has a great design, and it supports keyboard connectivity. It uses magnets instead of mechanical components to establish a connection with the keyboard.

On the other hand, the keyboard harnesses Bluetooth technology to function as an input device. It also includes a battery which will support the functioning of the Bluetooth and other electronic modules. Well, you don’t have to insert or replace the battery when it is low on power. The tab will charge it wirelessly and automatically each time it is connected to the input device.

The magnetic field is adamant, and this keeps the tablet attached to the physical keyboard. Google will launch keyboard as an accessory to Pixel C, and it will cost you around 130 dollars.

Google Pixel C features a quad-core 64 bit Tegra X1 processor which is based on Maxwell architecture the latest graphics rendering technology by Nvidia. Maxwell was first used in GeForce 750 GPU that was launched last year, i.e., 2014. It reduces power usage of the device without affecting the performance.

According to this report published by My drivers, X1 has better benchmark scores than Samsung Exynos 7460 and Snapdragon 810. Thus, you can consider Nexus C as the most powerful Android tablet ever.

Nvidia Tegra X1 Benchmarks

Pixel C has 3GB RAM, which is good enough to support and run all Google apps available in the play store. It will run full HD resolution games with compelling animations that feature sophisticated graphics.

Google’s previous tab was Nexus 9, and HTC manufactured it. Users of this tablet were often complaining about the overheating issue and poor battery backup. This time, Google has designed and built the tablet in its labs. The device is yet to be launched for the customers.

The tablet’s price tag is within 500 to 600 dollars or 30000 to 37000 in India, and it will be available for the clients in 2 variants, one with 32GB ROM and the other will feature 64GB storage. Unfortunately, there’s no microSD card option available in Pixel C. Thus; you’ll have to be careful while choosing a model.

Google Pixel C tablet price and specs

Google Pixel C tab has a 25.9 centimeters display (around 10 inches). It has 2560 x 1800 pixel resolution which is better than 2048 x 1536 of Nexus 9 and Apple IPad Mini 4. It has USB type 4 connector, back 8 million and front 5 megapixels camera. Though Google does not unveil network connectivity options, Pixel C should support 4G-LTE dongles.

You can watch keynote event in which this tab was announced or subscribe for updates (regarding availability, new features) on the Google Pixel website.


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