Google Play Services is one of the most important apps on the Android phones. It is a service which runs in the background. Many third-party apps are dependent on it. Sometimes, when we update our Android mobile devices, the play store may stop working because of some reasons. When Google Play Services fails to start, a popup will appear on your home screen with an error message. The popup will be loaded each time your reboot the device or start any app.

The problem stated above is faced by the people who flash third-party Android ROMs on their device. It is reported when the user installs a ROM without cleaning the system, data partitions, and the Dalvik cache.

I’ve encountered this problem several times on Android Kit Kat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow OS, and I’ve managed to fix it with the below methods:

Note: Backup all your apps, contacts, photos, videos and important files before executing the below techniques.

Factory Reset

Restoring original settings will work is most of the cases. Once the factory settings have been restored, enable WiFi and select restore apps/backup during Android set up. If this trick doesn’t work, follow the below method.

Clean Installation

If you’re using a third-party ROM like Mokee, CM, then this method should fix the problem related to Google apps. Download the latest version of Gapps and move the zip file and the ROM’s zip file to the root folder of the MicroSD card. Make sure that you have installed TWRP. Now go to wipe section of TWRP and select advanced wipe. Now select advanced wipe and mark the Dalvik/ART cache, cache, System, and data options as selected. Move the TWRP’s slider to the right.

Once the selected partitions have been wiped, navigate to the main UI of TWRP and tap on the Install button. Select the Gapps and ROM zip files and select install image option to flash the ZIP files. Once the Android ROM and Gapps have been flashed, reboot your phone. Now the Google Play Services has stopped working error will not be displayed.

If you’re not able to install GAPPS because of error 70, you should increase the size of the system partition.

Solution for the Google Play Service has stopped working error

Clear Cache and Restart

Sometimes, the cache or settings files created by the Google Play Services might get corrupted. If the Play service fails to read the contents of the cached files, it will not work. To fix this problem, open the app manager tool on your phone. Select Google Play Service app. Now tap on Disable button. Once the service has been disabled, tap on storage option and select the clear cache. Reboot your Android device.

Conclusion: Play services is an essential app. Thus, you should update it regularly and make sure that it is always running. If the service fails to start, follow the methods we’ve shared above to fix the problem.


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