A110 is one of the Best Micromax phones in India. A110 one of the devices that has helped the company to establish itself as the top Indian smartphone manufacturer. As this smartphone is damn good, it should run the best Android apps.

If you own this mobile and if you’re looking to install the best apps for Micromax A110 Canvas 2 then your search ends here.

Launcher: – Folks, Android launchers help you to customize the look and feel of your phone. Hence, this should be the first software that you should install. As this phone runs Android Jellybean OS, you can choose anyone of the best Android launcher apps from the Google play store.

Security: – As you might be browsing the internet on this phone, you should install the best Android antivirus on your phone. Antivirus keeps your phone secure.

Music player: – A110 is a powered with a dual core processor. This phone has 512 MB RAM. The memory and processor specs are good enough to plan any of your favorite audio, video file on this mobile phone. Thus, if you want to enjoy good quality music/video, you should install the best Android music player for this mobile.

Browser: – To browse the internet, you’ll need a browser app for Micromax A110 Canvas 2. As Internet speeds in India are not very high, you’ll need to install the fastest browser. The fastest browser in the world is UC Browser. Download UC Browser through this link.

Task Manager: – Sometimes, if you want to terminate an app forcefully, you’ll need to install a task manager app for Micromax A110 Canvas 2. I recommend you to install Go task manager for Android. Download and install the task manager through this link.

Games: – Smartphones are incomplete without games. I have already shortlisted the best free games for Android. As 110 has the necessary hardware, you can install the best games for Android.

Office: – TO edit files like excel file, PPT files or to read PDF books on your mobile. You’ll to install an office app for this phone. Kingsoft is the perfect office software for your phone to accomplish all the editing tasks. This productivity app for Android packs with many features that you’ll like. You can download Kingsoft Office Suite through this link.

SMS: – If you want to send free messages to your friends, you should refer the list of best SMS app for Android.


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