Television has become a part of our life. No matter what your age is, you cannot restrain yourself from watching your favorite movie, serial or news channel on TV. Traditional box type CRT televisions have outdated features. At one point in time, they were priced at 25000 or 30000 Rs.

Now things have changed. You can buy a non-smart or smart 50, 48, 32, and 43-inch inch LED TV for within Rs 20000 to 29999.

Why are LED TVs better than old television sets?

Stylish: As these televisions require small space for installation, you can install them on a wall. Thus, they make your room look stylish even if it does not have furniture.

Good viewing angles: Unlike CRT televisions, the LED TVs are equipped with a panel that has an HD resolution. Hence, the picture clarity would be good. The televisions support wide-angle viewing. If you own it, it does not matter whether you are sitting right at the front of the TV or at an angle of 100 degrees, you will be able to watch your favorite shows without getting your eyes strained.

HD Entertainment: Modern LED televisions have 1366 x 768 or 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and a powerful video/decoder. Hence, they will stream your favorite show or movie in MP4 format.

More features: If you are an owner of a LED TV, you don’t need a computer or DVD player. You can watch or listen to video, MP4, MP3 music files stored on your pen-drive by connecting it to the television.

Better Sound Quality: HDTVs offer DTS surround sound experience to their users. Thus, watching movies or shows would be a great experience.

Low power consumption: You may have seen some television ads wherein actors claim that LED lighting systems save energy. The actors are 100% correct. As LED TVs are powered by electricity saving technology, they will consume less power than the box type televisions.

If you’re planning to buy a new television or want to upgrade your budget box style television to a smart TV for within 29998 Rs budget, check our below list.

Best LED TVs under 30000 Rs

Kevin KN50FHD

Kevin KN50FHD

KN50FHD is one of the best-selling smart TVs in India. It provides brilliant features for a budget price. KN50FHD has a 48-inch full high-definition A+ Grade panel which consumes less power than other TVs in the same price range. Its screen has a 7.5ms response time. Kevin KN50FHD ships with two HDMI ports and it includes a VGA port. You can connect your computer to this device.

This device offers a 3.5mm headphone port. It has two USB ports for connecting external hard disk drives, pen drive, etc. Kevin KN50FHD features a specially designed color optimizer module which ensures that users are easily able to distinguish colors.

KN50FHD offers WiFi connectivity option and it includes an RJ45 port. It offers a dual-core processor and 8GB storage memory. The television supports the manual installation of apps and mirroring technology. It offers 30 Watts sound output.

This device requires 70 watts power supply. On standby mode, there will not be a high wastage of power. Kevin KN50FHD is one of the best-LED TV under 30000 Rs budget. Its price is 27000 Rs.

Sanyo 43S8100FS

Sanyo 43S8100FS

43S8100FS is the best Sanyo smart TV you can buy right now for a budget below 30000 Rupees. Sanyo had introduced 43S8100FS last year in India. As of today, the Japanese firm has sold 7000+ units of 43S8100FS.

This budget smart TV provides an HD LED 43-inch panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate. It features two USB and three HDMI ports. It has WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity option. 43S8100FS supports mirroring technology. It features Dolby technology powered speakers.

Sanyo 43S8100FS has a child lock system, a sleep timer, and an audio-only mode. It allows users to watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc. It provides 16 Watts speakers (2 x 8W).

The LED television can play media files of various formats. It also enables users to install apps from the App Store. It costs Rs 28000.

LG 32LH576D

LG 32LH576D - best LED TV under 30000 in India

32LH576D is one of the best Smart LG LED TVs that you can buy for below 30000 Rs in India. It has a 1366 x 768 screen resolution panel and 2 HDMI ports.

32LH576D has a Triple XD engine to render high-quality pictures and videos on the screen. For good viewing angles, LG has fitted an IPS panel to this device.

LG 32LH576D supports the mobile high-definition link technology. It supports many local Indian languages and has an energy-saving mode to cut down on power usage. It includes two speakers that produce a total of 20 Watt output. For providing theater-like experience to the users, the LG LED TV features Dolby Sound Decoder. It supports virtual surround sound technology.

32LH576D provides a wizard utility to adjust video settings. It provides several audio modes. It supports WiFI direct technology. 32LH576D comes pre-installed with popular video streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, etc. It is slim as well stylish. It costs 22999 Rupees in India.


KLV-32R422E - Sony LED TV under 30000 in India

Sony Corporation has used its most popular technology, the Sony Bravia engine in this LED TV. It has also added a resolution enhancer module to this device. Hence, KLV-32R422E is expected to deliver rich video performance.

Like other televisions we’ve covered here, the screen of Sony 32R422E has 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. If you want to buy this device, then you’ve to spend just 29000 Rs.

KLV-32R422E has a 32-inch panel with brilliant clarity and a 200 Hz refresh rate. It has a power saving mode and dynamic backlight control function. It includes contrast enhancer technology, noise reduction function, and a Dolby sound system.

The combined output of the three speakers installed on this television is 30 watts. 32R422E features a robust subwoofer system that will give you a theater-like experience at home. It also includes FM Radio system. The Sony Bravia series device carries a price tag of Rupees 29000.

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Panasonic 32ES500D

Panasonic 32ES500D

If you love using the products from top Japanese brands, then you can buy Panasonic 32ES500D. This device has a 32 inches high-quality LED/LCD panel and 6 kilograms weight. It has a USB 2.0 ports. It offers an excellent response time of below 9 seconds.

32ES500D has two 10 watts speakers fitted just behind its high-definition screen. It requires 65 Watts power supply. The TV has good features and it costs below 25000 INR.

BPL 01D51H

BPL Vivid : top LED Tv under 25000 RsBPL 101D51H was launched last year, and it has been purchased by over 10000+ people in India. It features a full high-definition DLED 50 inches panel. It has 8.2 kg weight and 16 watts speaker output. The LED TV supports four sound modes. It requires 20-Watt power. On standby mode, it requires just 1-watt power.

BPL 101D51H offers attractive features which include 3D comb filter, wide angle viewing, 16:9 aspect ratio, 250:1 static contrast ratio, etc. It doesn’t feature smart connectivity options like WiFi, RJ 45 port, etc. It is priced at INR 23000.

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Onida 42FIE

Onida 42FIE - best 42 inch LED TV under 30000 2017

Onida is one of the oldest television brands in India and it is considered among the best brands in the country. 42FIE is a full high-definition smart Onida TV that costs under 30000 INR. It features 16 Watts surround sound speakers and a 42-inch panel.

42FIE has a screen refresh rate of 60 HZ and it includes a port for establishing a connection with computers (in other words, you can use it as a PC monitor). This Onida device offers four sound modes. It has an equalizer function, bass/treble adjuster, etc.

42FIE’s weight is 8 kilograms. It has several apps, a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi connectivity option, and RJ-45 LAN port. It has 3 USB and HDMI ports. You can connect a 3G dongle to establish wireless internet connectivity to this device. Onida 42FIE costs INR 28500 in India.

Samsung UA32K4300ARMXL

Samsung UA32K4300ARMXL

UA32K is a smart LED TV with amazing features. It supports the latest networking and streaming technologies that include Mirroring (from mobile to the television), WiFi, Miracast, and WiFi direct.

This Samsung device offers a great experience if you use an HD set-top box provided by top DTH service providers in India instead of SD set-top boxes. It has two 10-watt Dolby DTS technology powered speakers.

Samsung UA32K ships with a 32-inch hyperreal technology powered IPS panel. It has multiple HDMI ports. It can connect to the Internet. You will have to buy a WiFi router or use your hotspot module of the phone for establishing wireless connectivity in UA32K. This device is smart, but it doesn’t support 3D content. Its price is Rs 28000.

UA32K, 42FIE, 101D51H, 32ES500D, 32R422E, 49S6575, 32LH576D, 32W622E are the best LED TVs under 30000 Rs in India,


  1. Vasu

    Which is best TV to buy at the price of 20K? @ Pramod : Could you please suggest me on this?

  2. Adarsh

    What about Sanyo televisions? Sanyo TVs have an IPS display and they have excellent ratings on Amazon. Are their TVs worth buying?

    • Pramod

      If your budget doesn’t permit you to buy a Samsung, LG, Sony TV, buy a TV from VU, Mmx, Onida, Sanyo, Philips or Panasonic.

  3. Moon

    I want your suggestion for buying a TV. How is Sony 32R30D ? or suggest me one Sony model within Rs 30000/ .it is urgent. plz reply me in my mail.

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    Really I got very good information about LED TV’s…Thanks Mr.Pramod…


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