Changing the color of a folder can make things easier for the user. For example, if you set the color of a frequently accessed folder to green, red or blue, you’ll be able to identify it quickly. If you’re at work, this will save your time.

The background color of Folder icons in Windows operating system is set to a shade of yellow by default. It’s difficult to change this to something which we like. Fortunately, there’s a free program called Rainbow Folders that lets you change the icon color without burdening the processor or using a large amount of RAM.

You can download this freeware from website. Copy and paste the URL we’ve shared in your browser and hit the enter key. Now locate Rainbow Folders from the list of tools displayed on the page and download its setup file. Open this file on your PC.

The Rainbow Folders program will display a checkbox to install shell extension utility during the setup process. Select this option if you want this program to add new Windows context menu entries for quick customization of the folders.

Rainbow folders icon color changer

RF is a simple tool, and it requires 1.2 to 1.3 megabytes of installation space. It allows users to customize the appearance of the folders from a single window.

The window shows a mini file explorer tool which allows you to locate a folder that you want to customize. It flaunts a small preview frame where you can check how the icon will appear after the user modifies its appearance. You can edit icon colors in bulk by selecting the Multiple Select option.

RF supports the below two operations on the folder icons:

Colorize: Click on this button to change the selected icon’s color. Before selecting this option, make sure that you modify the default Hue Saturation values of the folder.

Decolorize: When this button is clicked, RF will set to the color of the folder icon to the default value.

RF can be configured to display a warning message when the user tries to delete a colored folder. You can also set tooltip texts for a folder of your choice. The tooltip is a small text message which will appear near the icon when the user moves the mouse cursor on it.

RF supports high contrast folders of three styles i.e. Classical, Typical, and Modern.

Rainbow folder colorizer

The program has options window where you’ll find a button to rebuild the system icon cache and remove its context menu entry.

You can use this tool on computers running on Windows 98 OS its replacements i.e. Win 2000, XP, 10, Vista, 8.1, and 8. The customizations you make with RF will show its effect system wide.

I’ve tested RF on Windows 10 operating system. I’ve set the icon color of folders that I often open to blue. Hence, from now onwards, I don’t have to spend time in searching for files. Try out Rainbow folders; you’ll find it useful. If you want to customize start menu, download Classic Shell.


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