Many women like to buy grocery inventory or any other item in bulk because it saves their money and time. Buying grocery in bulk has the following disadvantages:

Wastage: Unless you’re a food expert or a chef, you won’t know what items will get out of stock. If organic food products are not used for a long time, they may become stale, and you won’t keep spoiled food in your house. Isn’t this a wastage of both money and food?

Freshness: If you have purchased fresh coriander (or any other eatable item) in a bulk and if it is not used within 2 or 3 days from the day it was uprooted from the farm then its nutritional quality is not the same as it was on the 1st day. To stay fit, you’ve to consume fresh food.

I don’t visit stores or malls to buy grocery offline, but my mom does. Before I made her aware of a smart way (through an app) to maintain the list of groceries, she used to follow below the below steps to buy grocery items:

  1. Shortlist each missing/out of grocery stock item from the kitchen.
  2. Note down the missing grocery on paper.
  3. Visit the store, remove the list and tick mark each purchased items.

She never bought Grocery in bulk, hence following these steps was time-consuming for her. I’m sure many of you might be following similar methods. Some of you may be maintaining the list to keep a track of expenses. Here are the apps that will make your task of shopping grocery offline/online easy:

Best grocery shopping list apps for 2017

1Out of Milk

OOM is an 8.67 MB app that runs on all types of Android phones and tablets. It works in both online and offline modes. If you want to use Out of Milk in online mode, you’ll have to register an account. You are also allowed to login via your Google or your Facebook account.

On its startup, this app will display a textbox, and three icons to add an item from history or through barcode or voice. To enter a grocery item, you just have to tap the text box.

Once you do so, you’ll be showing a drop-down list of items. For example, if I type bread, out of milk will show me a list containing the following entries – bread white, French, etc. Isn’t this a very useful and time saver feature?.

Once you select a grocery item, the item will be added to your shopping list. The unusual feature of this grocery list app is that you can arrange the position of the items on your shopping list.

You can even set its unit price and category. When you’ve purchased the item, you just have to tap on the checkbox item to mark it as purchased. Out of Milk grocery shopping list app allows you to create infinite lists. It also shows outstanding items in a list.

Out of Milk maintains a product history where you’ll see all your shopping expenses sorted by date. Pantry list is yet another very useful feature of this app. You can use this utility to create a list of all essential pantry items. You can also build a spice rack through this feature.

Out of milk has a lot of options in its setting’s menu. Through settings, users can add sales tax information, customize the look and feel of the app, etc.

Out of milk allows users to share lists with others through an email. You can also sync lists online with your out of milk online account. Its overall features are impressive. Hence, out of milk is the best grocery list app for IOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

Download out of milk for Android or IOS (iPad – iPhone)

2Our Groceries Shopping List

OGSL is a lightweight but a powerful app. When you run it, you’ll see a green color interface and options to add/view shopping lists and recipes. In recipes section, you can add any item from the predefined list of groceries.

If you don’t find the grocery item, you can add it manually. You are allowed to link a photo, category to a food item in this software. You can even categorize it.

In shopping list section, you can add a grocery or food item from the list you see on the screen. When you’ve finished shopping grocery item, you have to tap on the item to mark it as purchased.

This app will display all recipes and shopping list in its home window. It’s the highlighting feature of this application. It has a settings menu to turn off the ads, keyboard, etc. It allows you to share recipe/shopping list through all mail/social network services installed on your phone or tablet.

Download our groceries shopping list for Android or iPhone/iPad.

Why I’ve shared just two apps?

Well, there are 1000’s of apps on the Google play store and I don’t want to confuse you by recommending all of them. I’ve personally tested OGSL and out of milk, and I found both of these apps impressive and complete.



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