People buy a DVR system because of its ability to record live TV concerts, programs, and matches on the fly. Most of the DVRs in the markets can easily store within 500 to 800 GB of data.

When there’s no space left on the storage, users have to back up or delete the earlier recordings in order to save new content. Keeping this problem in mind, designing and development team at Tivo has devised a new digital video recorder named mega.

This device comes with a monstrous storage capacity of 24 terabytes. It can save up to 3 years (26000+ hours) of media content in SDTV format. Tivo mega can also record high-definition videos.

As file size of HD content is much larger than lower resolution formats, this DVR can store 150+ days of 720p recordings. This device has 6 tuners. It comes loaded with Netflix and YouTube app.

TiVo Mega DVR records three Years of TV and 5+ months of HDTV

Mega can play your favorite videos on demand. Its channel guide has a filter that lets you find your favorite TV shows easily. It supports Moca and Ethernet connection.

This DVR was presented at an event held in Colorado. It is priced at 5000 dollars (around 3 lakh Indian Rupees).

Tivo Mega will be available in the markets before March 2015. The company will also launch an app that will allow users to play recorded shows, matches, and news through their smartphone. This software will connect to the DVR through Bluetooth or WiFi.

Source – Tivo


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