Sony has expanded its MDR series of budget headphones by launching AS200 and XB 450 for a budget price under 1500 Rs. Built especially for fitness freaks and sports lovers, AS 200 earbud is fitted with 13.5 millimeters driver unit. It has been built to take the music experience of the users to the next level.

This device can resist water and sweats to a certain degree. It is based on an angled design. Hence, it will fit well in your ears. This headphone under 1000 Rupees comes with a loop hanger. Hence, it won’t easily fall out of the ears. You can use this device while you’re jogging or when you’re engaged in any other rigorous physical activity.

AS200 from Sony is a very light device. It weighs just 45 grams. Packed with a 30 millimeters driver, MDR XB250 is priced slightly higher at 1450 Rs. Based on a swivel-fold design, this earbud comes with a flat serrated cord. It has been built to deliver extra bass sound effect to the users.

Sony MDR AS200 and XB250 headphones under 1500 Rs

This headphone from Sony will be available in white, blue and black color options. The company has also introduced its MDR XB450 earbud, which borrows some features from the MDR-XB400 and XB-250 headphones. It has been built with solid metal, hence this earbud is durable. It features the same driver as XB-250. Available in red, black, blue, yellow and white color variants, this device is priced within 2000 – 2000 Rs.

The Japanese MNC claims that XB-450 MDR offers good resistant to sweat and other liquids. These above 3 accessories for your smartphone/tablet will go on sale from September 2014 onward. They’ll be available for purchase through all major online Indian e-tailers and Sony centers.

MDR As200 will be a good competitor to the Creative EP-360 headphone which is currently ruling the sub 500 – 900 Rs segments. XB-250 from Sony corporation will give headphones from the likes of Sennheiser, Skullcandy, and JBL a run for their money.


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