If you’re a parent of a toddler, you might have already started thinking about its future. Future depends on the type of education your kid gets in a school. Smartphone apps in Education category of Google play store can make your child learn math, GK, English, etc. But they have certain limitations.

If you’re using them offline, these apps will offer only a limited number of activities or features. If you’re connected to the internet, educational apps will display advertisements. These ads will distract your kid’s attention. Elemental Path, a new york based startup has developed a smart toy (named as Cognitoy) that will interact with your kid.

This toy connects to the internet using a WiFi module. It doesn’t connect automatically. You’ll have to press a blue colored button (check below image). When your kid asks a question, Cognitoy will forward the query to IBM Watson supercomputer. The computer will find a suitable answer for the question and it will send a result back to the toy. CogniToy can interact with people of all age groups. It can answer 1000’s of questions correctly. Apart from answering questions and interacting with you or your kid, Cognitoy can play stories. It can even crack jokes.

This awesome project has been designed by engineers who won the IBM mobile app developer challenge. Before finalizing the below model, the engineers behind this project had used a 3D printer to generate 100’s of smart toy prototypes.

Smart cute toy

This design is cute and kids will simply love it. Kids love bright colored toys. Thus, the selection of green color for this smart toy is excellent.

Within first 2 days of its crowd-sourcing campaign, Elemental Path has raised more than 62K dollars. According to its Kickstarter page, Cognitoys will be available for purchase before the end of March 2015. It will be shipped to all parts of the world. It will cost you within 85 to 100 dollars.


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