Baidu, the Chinese information technology company has been trying to conquer the software market by introducing a lot of freeware. Its antivirus program is not as impressive and powerful as the security suites launched by Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Norton. Is the free PC faster tune up the program from Baidu as good as System Mechanic, Glary Utilities, or the SlimwareUtilities Slimcleaner? Let’s find it out.

Learning from its earlier mistakes, Baidu has launched a separate portal from which you can download Baidu PC Faster program on your PC, check change logs, get online support by joining the forums.

The program is also available on third party websites like Softonic, file hippo or Cnet. If you’re not able to access the official website, you can visit third part portals to get Baidu’s PC tune-up tool.

Once you install the PC faster software, you’ll be able to use the below utilities:

Quick Check

baidu pc faster quick check

This is one of the most important functions in the Baidu PC Faster the program. Allow Check module will run an in-depth scan operation on your PC to find all junk files, unnecessary programs, and startup items that are having Windows operating system.

Once the scanning is complete, the PC faster will display the programs that have left/generated useless files. It will make you aware of idle services and RAM wasted by full-screen programs. It will display the total number items that need to be optimized and a large button to fix the problems.

PC Junk Cleaner

baidu pc faster junk cleaner

If you’re interested in removing junk files only, using the cleaner tool of the Baidu PC faster. When you use this tool, you’ll be able to free up space on the hard disk by removing browser cache, multimedia, Windows registry, and application junk files.


baidu pc faster speed up your pc

Baidu Faster claims to improve the boot time of the PC by a few seconds by tweaking the OS configuration file and customizing the user interface. It also claims to accelerate internet speed by tweaking the default internet settings of the Windows OS. To try out these two features, navigate to clicks section of Baidu PC Faster.

Virus Scan

Baidu cloud virus scan

If you think your PC is infected with virus or malware, run the built-in virus scanner of Baidu PC faster. The scanner is based on cloud technology. It supports the full, custom, internet and game scan operations.

One click optimizer

Baidu FasterNow is one click optimization tool which will free up wasted system resources on demand. When you install this program, this module will appear on the desktop floating to the right. While using the web browsers, Baidu FasterNow will interfere with the scrollbar. To fix this problem, you are allowed to change the position by just dragging the green color semicircle shaped icon of the Baidu FasterNow tool.

The one click optimizer displays the percentage of RAM used by the system and other applications. It also displays the network uplink and download activity. The information is hidden by default. To view it, hover your mouse over the icon that appears on the edge of the desktop.

Turn PC or Laptop to a WiFi hotspot

baidu wifi hotspot for PC and laptop

When you don’t have a WiFi router, you can share your computer’s internet connection with other devices without an Ethernet cable by turning your PC into a WiFi hotspot.

Baidu PC Faster includes a tool to do so. When you run this utility, you’ll be asked to connect the PC to the Internet with a LAN cable. You’ll be also prompted to turn off the WiFi module.


baidu toolbox

Apart from the above features, Baidu PC Faster comes with some additional utilities which can be accessed from the toolbox section. Below are the tools that you’ll find in the toolbox.

Internet speed checker: You can test internet connection speed with this feature.

Power Master: This tool allows you to improve battery backup of your laptop by turning on the power saver module.

File Shredder: This utility allows you to delete files securely from the PC.

Browser Protection: Allows users to set a default homepage and browser on your computer.

Winupdate: Checks if the PC is up to date with the latest Windows security and OS patches.

Facebook Repair: If you’re not allowed to access Facebook, you can fix this problem with this utility.

App store: Manage applications on your computer for a better performance.


baidu settings

Like other similar software, Baidu’s tune-up tool has a configuration utility where you’ll find options to:

  • Automatically launch PC faster when the computer starts.
  • Join product improvement by allowing the program to share your data.
  • Enable safe browsing mode for links.
  • Disable/Enable alerts when the application runs in full-screen mode.

Settings also allow you to activate or deactivate the below features:

  • Junk files and plugins monitor.
  • Large files and software cleaner.
  • Boot time helper.
  • Automatic updates for the program.
  • Selfe defense and proxy network connection.

Final Verdict

We were not impressed with the Baidu Antivirus because the freeware had a lot of bugs. Baidu’s PC faster program is definitely worth installing. Its functions are powerful.

While testing its features, the freeware didn’t throw any errors. It worked flawlessly without using a lot of system resource. If you don’t like the UI color of this program, you’re allowed to switch to some other skin. To do so, click on the t-shirt icon on the title bar.


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