Raspberry Pi 2 has been officially launched today at a price tag of 35 dollars (around  2000) by the Raspberry foundation. This device is a powerful successor to the Raspberry Pi model B and it comes with an Intel Broadcom BCM2836 Quad-core processor onboard. The CPU supports over-clocking and its clock rate can reach up to 0.9 GHz.

This device now comes with 1GB of RAM (instead of 512MB) and it ships with the same video core image processor as its predecessor Model B. Thus, it can run a broad range of operating systems and apps whose minimum system requirements are a quad-core chip, 512+MB system memory. The GPU has 2 computing cores and it supports various graphics technologies like DirectX, OpenGL.

To name a few, this device can run LibreOffice, Pixman, PyPy, Ubuntu, etc. It can also run graphic applications that are not very memory demanding. This single board computer supports data storage on MicroSD cards. It has Ethernet port for networking. It supports the connection of up to 4 USB devices at a time.

Raspberry Pi 2 specs and price

Microsoft corporation has announced that it will provide a free version of Windows 10 OS for the Raspberry Pi 2 users. Thus, you can make a bootable Windows 10 disk or flash drive to run the OS.

As you can see in the above image, Raspberry Pi 2 has HDMI and display port. Thus, you can use an HDTV as a monitor. It produces stereo quality sound output. It measures 86 x 56 x 20 millimeters in dimensions.

where to buy raspberry pi 2?
If you want to build your own low configuration PC or a DIY project, you can order this device through the online Raspberry foundation store. You can also buy it through retailers like Element 14 for 35 dollars. Amazon might sell the Raspberry Pi 2 in the coming months.


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