When you take a picture with your handset’s camera, the OS saves it to a special folder called Gallery. The OS handles the task of naming the photos, but it doesn’t organize them in folders. Phones have limited storage capacity. To free up space, smart users will move images from phone to the computer with the help of a Windows, iPhone or Android PC Suite or WiFi based Share IT software. This approach of transferring files creates a problem for the user.

If a single folder has 1000s of pictures, Windows OS may take few seconds to compile a list of all photos. Even if the Windows OS produces the list of pictures within a couple of seconds, you’ll find it hard to locate a specific file. To avoid this problem, you should consider using the Photos2Folder freeware.

p2f-freeware to organize photos into folders

The program takes into account the EXIF data of pictures for organizing them.

How to organize photos transferred from Android, iPad, iPhone with P2F?

Select the folder where you’ve saved all your pictures.

If the folder specified has subfolders, don’t worry! The program will consider photos inside it too.

Now, specify the destination folder where you want P2F to create new directories and move files into it.

Below the above two text boxes, you’ll find a tabbed pane with two tabs, folder and image options.

In the 1st tab, the Photos2Folders allows you to define the structure of the folder i.e. you can set a parent/children directory.

Parent folder can be the event name, year, month, and day.

In the 2nd tab, you can select the following three options for pictures:

  1. Use date taken for JPG images.
  2. Ignore files whose name includes a double period.
  3. Don’t copy, simply move the files to the destination directory.

The P2F program can find duplicate pictures too. When it finds similar files, the software can skip the image, move the file to a new duplicate folder or overwrite it.

To organize photos, click on start sorting button. The P2F freeware will now create a virtual structure of directories and files for previewing. After verifying the structure, click on done button. The target folder will now be populated with data and month name based archives.

The free photo organizer software grouped over 24000 images on my computer in month and year folders. The entire process took 2 minutes and 20 seconds. If I had moved these files manually, it would have taken over 3 hours to group them.

Download P2F

Photos2Folders is a handy tool for the users who have saved 100s of pics in a single directory. Although the program is in a beta stage, it works like a charm. As a safety measure, you should backup your pictures with AOMEI Backupper, Cobian or similar software before running this tool.


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