Ubisoft’s mobile version of Just Dance Now game has now been made available for Android OS users through the Google play store. This free software is designed for people who want to improve their dancing skills or lose weight in a better way.

The app is based on a simple logic. It makes people dance. When you launch this app, it plays an animated character on your phone’s screen along with a track. The character dances to the music, and you have to copy each¬†of its moves. This game is not very entertaining, but it can help you to shed your weight. You know very well that exercise is the only way to cut down your weight. Dancing is considered as a rigorous exercise.

Download just dance now for AndroidJust Dance features a scoring system. To track your scores, you should hold your smartphone while dancing. Each correct step will earn you a point. You must also connect your device wirelessly to a television or your computer. When you do this, Just Dance Now will play an animation on the monitor or TV through your phone.

The data transfer between mobile phone and the monitor is fast and wireless. This is one of the top features of this game. Just dance tracks your moves through your smartphone’s sensors (proximity, accelerometer or motion).

This game comes preloaded with around 40 super-hit dance tracks. Thus, you don’t have to download any music files from the internet. The preloaded tracks are entertaining.

This game allows you to share your score on Facebook. This free Android game requires a working internet connection. It requires 30 MB space on the internal storage or micro SD card. It is compatible with all Android mobile devices loaded with gingerbread 2.3 operating system.


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