China is a home to 100’s of phone manufacturers and brands like Meizu and Xiaomi are at the top. Both these mobile phone manufacturer are considered the top competitors of each other. They’ve launched affordable handsets with awesome specifications. Xiaomi has recently dethroned Samsung from its position of the Top phone brand in China. Meizu’s presence in its home country has improved significantly ever since it started introducing phones in its M and Mx series.

Xiaomi has already announced the successor to one of its most selling Android device – the Redmi 2. Meizu has launched its competitor to Redmi 2 – the Meizu M1 for just 110 dollars. We’ve already covered the specifications of Redmi 2. Please go through it for more details on Xiaomi’s latest budget handset. Lets’ have a look at the interesting features of Meizu M1.

Meizu M1 Full specifications

Display and operating system: Meizu has installed its custom Kit Kat OS based ROM, the Flyme 4.4 on the storage hardware of M1. It has fitted the handset with 5.0 inch IPS technology based high-definition display. It has a pixel density of over 300. Redmi 2 has slightly smaller display than Meizu M1. Its touchscreen’s pixel density is a bit higher than that of Meizu’s handset.

Processor: Meizu’s latest handset has MediaTek quad-core MT6732 processor of 1.5 GHz clock rate. Xiomi Redmi 1s, 2 uses Snapdragon chips clocked within 1.2 to 1.6 GHz. Processors of Meizu M1 and Redmi 2 support 64 bits version of Android. Many people believe that Snapdragon CPU’s are better than Mediatek processors. But customers using it have reported heating problems.

Meizu m1 price and specifications

RAM: Meizu M1 will be available with 1 or 2GB RAM option. The 1GB RAM version of M1 will be priced at 110$. Redmi handsets in the same price range have the same volume of RAM.

Dimensions and color options: M1 has been launched in 5 color options -pink, green, yellow, white, blue and peppermint green. Thus, it is suitable for both genders. This phone from Meizu has 127.9 grams weight. It is 8.9 mm thick.

Camera specifications: The camera department of M1 is its most impressive feature. Meizu is offering a full high-definition 5.0 front camera and a 13.0 MP back camera with this handset. As far as I’m concerned, no popular phone brand is offering such impressive camera specs in their 100 to 120$ phones.

Battery and other features: Battery life in powerful 64 bit Android phones with Custom UI is shorter than that of Windows phones. But hopefully, the M1 users won’t complain about the short Talktime/standby time as it comes with 2600 mAh battery. Along with powerful computing and imaging features, M1 offers 4G-LTE network connectivity, Bluetooth, 3G, WIFI. It has a single SIM card slot, microSD card expansion slot, and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Meizu M1 price: Within 100 to 120 dollars (6000 to 7000 Rs in Indian currency).


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