One of the most popular eReader on the earth, the Amazon Kindle Voyage has arrived in India with a price tag of 20000 Rs. Amazon has designed this e-reader only for book enthusiasts. Thus, its screen visibility is expected to be great.

Amazon has added a 3G module in Kindle Voyage. You don’t have to use an SIM card to access 3g networks. This e-reader allows you to download eBooks from the internet at very high speeds and you don’t have to pay for the 3G connection.

Amazon Kindle Voyage features a 6 inches electronic paper technology based display. The screen has 300 pixels per inch and it is built with etched glass for better visibility in sunlight.

This e-reader features a button that functions as the book’s paging system. To turn the page, simply press this button. KV is 7.6 millimeters thin device that supports more than 6 font sizes. It includes a smart parental control system that blocks children’s access to online services. It has 179.9 grams weight and 4GB of internal storage.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Voyage users are allowed to upload eBooks purchased or downloaded through kindle store to Amazon’s cloud storage platform for free. As this e-reader features e-paper display, the battery fitted in its body lasts for more than 1400 hours.

As in laptops, if you keep the screen brightness low, you’ll experience a good battery backup with Kindle Voyage. This device features WiFi system and it can be charged only with a USB cable.

This is a good deal for avid readers as Amazon is allowing free downloads of 30000+ eBooks from Kindle store. You’ll get free titles through popular online sites like Goodreads.

60% of the PDF books listed on the kindle store cost under 100 Rupees. If you own Kindle Voyage, you don’t have to use any website to find your favorite title.


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