Two of the latest desktop computers from HP, the HP 110-400iL, and 120-110in are now available for purchase in India for a price within 25000 to 30000 Rs. The desktops are based on 64 bits computing technology and they offer good specs for a decent price tag.

The HP 110-400iL desktop comes preloaded with DOS 2.0 OS. If you don’t want to use the DOS, you can replace it with Windows 8.1 OS or any free Linux distro. This desktop has a 2GB 1600 MHz DDR3L RAM, which is supported by a quad-core 2.41 GHz Intel J2900 processor with 2 MB of cache memory.

HP 120-110in on other features a dual-core core i3 Intel 4160 processor with system cache memory of 3 megabytes. It runs Windows professional 8.1 OS. It includes 4GB RAM.

Both these computers have Intel high definition graphics card along with an inbuilt HD audio system. They feature 500 GB capacity hard disk drive, a USB mouse, HP keyboard and a 65 Watt power adapter. The desktops ship with a large LED 18.5 inches high definition display. You’ll have to pay extra 675 Rupees for the speakers.

HP 110-400IL and 120-110IN 64 bit desktop PCs

The device mentioned above is enclosed within a stylish HP cabinet. The power button in 100-400iL and 120-110IN is fitted at the top of the DVD burner. The cabinet of HP 110-400il and 120-110IN flaunts 2 USB port, a headphone jack and a mic port at the front. They have a weight of 5.1 and 9.0 kilograms respectively. On the back side of the cabinet, you’ll find LAN connector, VGA, USB 2.0/3.0 and 1 printer/scanner port.

The computer manufacturer is selling its latest desktops via its online store. You can also buy these 2 computers through a local partner or official stores of HP.

The desktops come with 1 years warranty and they’ll be shipped free of cost to your home or office. The warranty can be extended up to 3 years on a payment of 3100 Rs.


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