Grep command in Unix-based operating systems (i.e. Linux) is used to search files for particular text. This powerful utility supports several options to make it more flexible and useful. As of now, this command can be fired only in Unix and the OS based on it. If implemented in Windows, grep has the capability to replace Microsoft’s default search tool.

Although Microsoft hasn’t added any utility to find a specific text within a file, the users can do it with Wingrep; a free Windows grep tool that can be installed as an application on computers or laptops. It requires just 740 to 750 kilobytes of hard disk space. Wingrep has an interface similar to most of the software running on the Windows platform. Hence, it is easy to use.

How to use grep for Windows 7, 8, XP or 8.1?

To start using this free software, download it from Wingrep’s official website and install it on your PC. After it has been installed, run Wingrep. Now, select one of the several options that you see on your display.

Windows Grep Tool to Search files for text

When you’re done with the above steps, enter the string of words in the textbox. Click on the next button. Now, you’ll be able to see a file browser dialog box. Choose the HDD partition where you suspect the file to be. If you want, you can add every partition in the include text area by selecting a folder and hitting the right arrow button.

Now, it’s the time to select file types. Hit the next button and choose the appropriate extensions or leave the option as it is. If you choose or add your extensions, the search operation would be faster. The Windows grep tool is ready to find files for the text you had entered. Click next button and then finish to generate a table containing the search results.

Windows Grep Tool to Search files for text

If you click on any row, the file containing the search string will be loaded in the text area located just below the table.


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