The latest version of PeaZip, the free and open source software for managing archive files is now available for download. The program now supports 170+ file extensions. Whether it’s RAR, 7Z, ZIP, TAR, ISO or DMG archive, PeaZip will open or extract the contents of the file.

The program includes several new themes. It allows you to change opacity, bars and grids color of the UI. The user can now translate this program in one of the 30 supported languages. As the program source code is available on GitHub, the user can contribute new translations.

Processing of files whose name had Unicode characters was not supported in the earlier version of PeaZip. The newest version of the program now complies with the Unicode standards.

Peazip portable freeware download

The PeaZip archive manager doesn’t feature the code that was written to make the program compatible with Windows XP, 9X, 2003 operating systems. For performance improvements, the code that powers PeaZip has been improved.

PeaZip comes with an inbuilt file shredder utility. Thus, you can securely delete a file with it. Apart from the secure delete option, this program can move unwanted files to the recycle bin.

To make sure that redundant files are not added to the same archive, this freeware allows you to run its inbuilt duplicate finder tool.

Creating password protected archives is an easy task with PeaZip. To do so, right-click on a file, select enter password / key option and fill the required fields.

PeaZip settings

PeaZip allows the user to generate compressed files whose size doesn’t exceed 10 megabytes. Thus, you can create mail attachments with it.

The user can integrate the important functions of PeaZip with the Windows Context Menu. To do so, the user should run this program as an administrator.

This free ZIP opener supports two layouts, archiving and extraction. The layout can be changed or switched through the browser menu.

You can schedule a file archiving task or run a PeaZip script through this program. You can also benchmark your PC with it.

PeaZip is an impressive freeware that offers plenty of premium features. As its portable version is available for download, you can use the same program on any supported operating systems (without re-installing it).

Download the freeware

Earlier, I used 7zip software because it generated .7z format files whose size was 20 to 29 percent lower than RAR or ZIP archives. As PeaZip has a modern UI, and as it supports .7z formats, I’ve replaced 7Zip with it.


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