Here, we have covered the best phones under 1K with entry-level specs, FM Radio, keypad, GPRS, and a magnificent color display. Some of the handsets we have shared support Bluetooth connectivity. They house a VGA camera at the back and a TFT display.

As the display doesn’t have high-resolution, the battery packed in these handsets doesn’t drain fast. Hence, you can expect a good talk time and standby time with the mobiles.

Below, we have mentioned the best and most popular feature phones you can buy within 699 to 999 Rs.

Best phones under 1000 in India

InFocus F120

infocus f120 phone around 1000 Rs

F120 is the best InFocus mobile that you can get for around 1000 Rs in India. This phone sports a 240 x 320 pixels resolution set 2.4 inches display. It supports GSM network connectivity with 2 SIM cards.

InFocus F120 features a 2.0 MP camera. This lightweight and cheap mobile below 1000 Rupees supports playback of MP3, 3GP files. It packs a MicroSD card slot, a single core processor, FM Radio, Bluetooth. It has 32 MB of storage memory, 1000 mAh battery, and 32 MB RAM.

F120 mobile’s price is 950 INR.


Micromax X590

Micromax X590

X590 is a low-cost mobile phone from Micromax that has a unique design. It features a camera, 1.8-inch screen, front speaker, and a phone book memory of 300 contacts.

The X590 phone has a Bluetooth chip and 2 SIM slots. It supports voice recording. It can function as a mini torch utility.

X590 gives you access to local radio stations through its FM Radio app. It allows you to play videos, AMR, and MP3 format files.

This handset can read external memory cards. Its price is 1100 Rupees.


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Kechaoda K116

Kechaoda K116

K116 is an entry-level phone under 1000 Rs that carries a single SIM card slot. It has a music player app for playing MP3 files saved on the SD cards. The K116 phone from Kechaoda is encompassed with a 1.44-inch display. You can send pictures to other phones and computers as this mobile below 1000 Rs has Bluetooth.

The screen can display around 64K color combinations, which can be considered good as per the price of this device. The Kechaoda mobile offers good talk time, thanks to its 850 mAh battery. It includes a MicroSD card slot and has a camera.

The phone is lightweight. It has 32 megabytes RAM and storage memory. K116 costs 998 Rupees.


Lava Captain N1

Captain N1 - Lava phone under 1000

LAVA is known for launching highly affordable phones with decent specs and Captain N1 is one such device. Here are the specs of this mobile:

  • Support for 2 GSM normal size SIM cards.
  • Display of 1.8 inches size, 128 x 160 pixels resolution.
  • Primary camera with a low-resolution sensor and flash.
  • Removable 800 mAh lithium ION battery, 3+ MB RAM.
  • Nice talk time, standby time.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Support for MP3 music files.
  • Audio jack, FM Radio, call recording.
  • 32 GB MicroSD card slot.
  • Bluetooth, Torch, 2 SIM card slots.
  • FM Radio for listening to music, news.

Captain N1 phone costs 830 Rupees.


Intex Eco Beats

intex eco beats

Eco Beats is the best Intex phone under 1k Rs. It is one of the latest devices on this list. It has SMS and phone book memory of 100 and 1000 contacts respectively. The phone features LED torch, FM Radio, and 800 mAh battery. It provides 399+ minutes talk-time, VGA camera, video player app, and MicroSD card slot.

Intex Beats is available in Grey color option. It includes a 1.8 inches screen with a very good resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. It has alarm module, currency converter, torch, Bluetooth and many more useful functions. Eco Beats is one of the cheapest mobiles below 1000 Rs on this list.

The price of this Intex mobile is Rs 700.


Samsung Guru GT-E1200

Samsung Guru Gt-E1200 : mobiles around 1000 Rs

This mobile packs a MicroSD card slot for expansion of the storage. It comes with a decent standby time of over 700 hours and an 800 mAh battery. Samsung GT-E1200 includes a small 1.52 inches screen, which is set to a decent resolution.

This phone from Samsung comes with Bluetooth 2.0, FM Radio, 2 SIM card slots, and 2G connectivity support. It supports speed dialing. E1200 comes preloaded with some useful apps. Its weight is below 66 grams. E1200 includes a flash module. Its price tag is Rupees 1200.


Conclusion: InFocus F120, Micromax X590, Kechaoda K116, Lava Captain N1, Intex Eco Beats, and Samsung Guru GT-E1200 are the best phones under 1000 Rs.

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