Whether you’re using Unity, AndEngine, cocos or any other frameworks, developing a 2D game without sprites is near to impossible task. You need sprites to create game characters, backgrounds, and several other animated objects. Hence, they can be considered as an essential part of any 2D or 3D game. To make one, you need to have good photo editing skills or you should hire someone to do the work for you.

If you’re a part of a cash-rich start-up/organization or if you have some money generating apps then 2nd option is the best way to start with. If you hire a good graphic designer, you’ll get your work done as per your requirements. Indie game developers have no other option than using a sprite sheet maker or searching royalty free images. Today, I’ll share 2 useful free tools that will help you create characters for your game. Here they are:

Sprite Generator

Sprite Generator

This is an online utility that can be used to create characters of different sizes. You can customize its hair style, clothes, color. When you finish the customizations, you can save your work to the hard-drive.

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Sprite maker

Best Free Sprite sheet maker for 2D game developmentDownload the setup and install the application on your computer from spriteland. Now run it, you’ll see a window with an animated character as shown in the above picture. Change colors of the characters body parts as per your game’s requirement.

Now, take a screenshot of the frame, paste it in any image editor and crop it to remove unnecessary stuff. If you’re not satisfied with its look, customize the character further in ms-paint or Photoshop.

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If you use any of the above tools to create sprite sheet, don’t forget to remove unnecessary bytes from the generated image file through the smush it tool. This will reduce the size of files and pictures will load much faster in the game.


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