Computers are incomplete without a keyboard and mouse because without these 2 devices, you won’t be able to run your favorite Windows software or utility nor will be able to compose emails, edit documents, etc.

Logitech is a leading brand when it comes to computer and phone peripherals. This manufacturer has unveiled a new M337 mouse and K380 keyboard in Berlin at the IFA 2015 event and it will officially launch the new peripherals worldwide before October 2015 for a price within 40 to 50 dollars (under 3000 Rupees).

Logitech K380 is smart keyboard because users can use it with any Bluetooth 3.0 enabled mobile, tablet or computer. K380 can also identify the OS to which it is connected to. In case you’ve connected this keyboard to your PC and handset at the same time, you can easily switch from one device to the other by pressing the easy switch button.

Logitech K380 keyboard

Bluetooth 3.0 has a maximum data transfer speed of up to 24 megabits per second. Thus, your keystrokes will be registered with the computer or handset very fast. The working range of this keyboard is around 32 feet. Logitech’s decision to choose Bluetooth over WiFi is smart because the former technology consumes lower power.

This budget Logitech keyboard is powered by AAA batteries that are claimed to have a very long life of up to 730 days. K380 weighs at 429 grams and Logitech will launch 2 color variants of it i.e Black and Blue. This keyboard measures 9.5 inches in length and it is compatible with various Windows desktop and mobile operating systems. Most of the keys on this device are round.

Logitech M337 is a lightweight mouse that can work with any latest Macintosh and Windows OS. Like K380, M337 is a based on Bluetooth technology. It can simulate swipe gestures. M337 comes with the same AAA battery but it will have a shorter life as compared to the new Logitech keyboard.

Logitech M337 mouse

The mouse is fitted with an LED indicator, on/off and a Bluetooth button. It has 80 grams weight and a price tag of Rupees 2200. It can be connected with computing devices running on Android 3.2+, Google Chrome, Windows 7+ and Mac 10.8+ OS. Logitech M337 will be sold in 4 color choices.


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