Two-step verification has become one of the most import security features on dynamic websites. It has been implemented in many top websites which include Gmail, Outlook, DropBox etc. It is disabled by default, but the user can easily active this service by proving his/her identity. Once this feature has been enabled, the user’s online account is protected in a much better way.

LastPass is one of the few passwords managers that allow you to activate two-step authentication. If you have been using this feature, you might know that LastPass requested you to download a third party authentication app to protect your password vault.

From today onwards, New users of LastPass will not have to download a third-party application because LogMeIn, the company that owns this password manager has launched an authenticator app which has been designed to work only with Lastpass.

LastPass two step authentication multifactor

The application works in the say way as the Google Authenticator. It will ask the user to scan the barcode which will be displayed when the user enables the multifactor option from the Account settings page.

Once the code has been scanned, the app will display a 6 digit code and at the same time, the LastPass portal will ask you to enter the code. The multifactor authentication service will be enabled for your account immediately after the website verifies the entered code.

Now, Whenever you try to log into your LastPass dashboard, you’ll be requested to enter the password as well as the unique code generated by the authenticator app.

The code will be valid only for one-time use. The app will keep generating a new code every two minutes.

LastPass authenticator app for Android

If you’ve removed the app or if your phone has been lost, you’ll not loose the access to the password vault. LastPass lets you disable multifactor feature even if you do not log into the account. To do the same, user will have to verify account’s ownership by entering the correct email address and password.

LastPass will then send a unique link to the user’s email address to disable the two-step verification feature. The user should open this link on his browser.

It is not necessary to use the Lastpass authenticator. If you’re using any of its alternatives, continue using the app.

LastPass may not end support for the widely used third party apps which includes the Google authenticator, Toopher, duo, Transkat, Yubiko, etc. If it does, a lot of users will be annoyed.

The app from LogMeIn has a major limitation that you cannot use it with your other online accounts. Google’s application supports a lot of websites. Thus, may users may prefer or continue using it.


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