Lenovo has kick started the year 2016 by unveiling a new set of ThinkPad notebooks for the enterprise use and students.

The highlighting feature of the new machines from the largest computer manufacturer in the world is the battery backup. Lenovo claims that the new Thinkpads will last for more than 5 hours on a single battery charge. Each of its latest laptops will ship with Windows 10 operating system (or its Pro version).

The Thinkpad T460 and T560 provide unbelievable battery backup and they’ll be available in various storage options with different screen resolutions. They’re the successors to T450 and T540 laptops that were launched in 2015.

T460s is a 14 inches screen equipped lightweight notebook with 18.8 millimeters thickness and 1.33 kilograms weight. According to Lenovo, this device can be easily carried to the office, home or any other place because of its compact size.

Although the T460s has an Intel HD 520 graphics chip, it can be installed with a discrete NVIDIA graphics card (GeForce 900 series) for better graphics performance. You can configure it to use PCIe-based solid state drives. Lenovo will launch 2 versions of this laptop, the ThinkPad T460, and T60p.

Lenovo T460p is the most powerful variant. It supports DDR4 32GB RAM and quad-core 6th Gen Intel processor with 2560 x 1440 screen resolution.

ThinkPad 560 is a 15.6 inches version of the above notebook. It will ship with similar hardware configuration (as T460) and a powerful battery to support long hours of computing. ThinkPad T560 and T460 will retail for within 700 to 800 USD. The S and P versions will be sold for around 1000 and 1200 dollars respectively.

One of the lightest ultrabooks from Lenovo is the Thinkpad TX260. Installed with a 12 inches display, this machine will offer an unbelievable 1200 minutes of backup power. It has 1310 gram weight.

T X260 offers a decent configuration for a 929 dollar price tag. It supports 16 GB RAM and solid state 512GB disks. You can install a powerful 6th gen Core I7 processor in this ultrabook.

Lenovo ThinkPad 13 will be available in the form of a Chromebook as well as a full-fledged Windows 10 laptop. Both models of this machine will offer multitasking with Core I5 processor. They’ll have support for up to 16GB RAM and 512 GB of storage hardware. ThinkPad 13 with the Google Chrome OS will be sold for 400 USD (Around 25K INR) and the Windows version will cost 50 dollars more at 450 USD.

All the above laptops are durable because they’ve passed the Milspec test. They’ll be available for purchase in online and offline marketplaces from February 2016 onward.


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