Are you in search of the top laptops under 15K budget for student or business use e.g. accounting, stock market trading? If your answer is yes, then go through our list of cheap notebooks that you can buy in India.

Our list covers the best-selling laptops running on Windows or Linux OS. Don’t get scared by the word Linux. Linux is powerful OS with graphical user interface. It is a great free alternative to the Microsoft Windows OS.

If you’re a techie, you may know that Linux RAM requirements are low as compared to Windows OS. The RAM usage in Windows OS increases each time you install a new software because the SW may run in the background by installing a new service in the system. For the proof, see my comparison of Linux Mint and Windows 10 OS. Hence, if you find Linux OS powered laptop, don’t ignore it.

Unfortunately, the Windows 10 OS free offer is no longer valid. Hence, you won’t find plenty of Windows OS powered laptops within 10000 to 15000 range. Don’t hesitate to buy a Linux OS running notebook. If you don’t like the OS, replace it with Windows.

Top 6 best laptops under 15000 in India for 2017

6Asus E200HA-FD0006TS

The Asus laptop has a great design and it offers the genuine Windows 10 OS. E200HA supports Microsoft Office. It can also run all types of lightweight free software available for download on popular websites.

Asus offers a 1-year free subscription to essential applications such as MS Office when the user buys its products. To check whether this offer is available for E200HA notebook, please contact the Asus customer care. This device has an 11.6 inches display supported by the True2ife technology. Asus has optimized the screen to give a realistic picture and video experience to the user.

Asus E200HA notebook carries 2GB SDRAM module. It has an ergonomic design based user-friendly keyword and touchpad with predefined gestures.

E200HA comes with HD resolution and includes Intel Atom Z8300 X5 1440 megahertz processor. It has WIFi networking module and USB ports. The laptop offers Intel graphics processor and has a weight below 1 kilograms.

Asus provides 500GB tp 1 TB free cloud storage space with its E200HA laptop.

The E200HA Asus laptop costs within 14500 to 15000 INR.

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5iBall Exemplaire CompBook

Exemplaire is one of the best-selling products of iBall. iBall jumped into laptop manufacturing business last year and has been successful so far.

Believe it or not guys, iBall sold over 1000 units of Exemplaire laptop. People who own this device are happy with its performance. For the proof, see the reviews and ratings of Exemplaire CompBook on Amazon.

CompBook offers the following features:

  • 32 GB flash aka internal storage memory.
  • 1831 MHz quad-core Z3735F processor.
  • 14 inches display and Windows 10 operating system.
  • DDR3 2GB RAM, 64 GB MicroSD reader.
  • Lithium polymer 10000 mAh capacity battery.
  • 1366 x 768 pixel HD resolution.
  • 1500 Grams weight.

The Compbook iBall laptop’s price tag is 13000 INR.

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4Dell Inspiron 11

Dell Inspiron 11 is one of the best laptops below 15000 Rs in India because it has the latest Celeron processor OS, incredible battery life, and a brilliant design. It doesn’t look like a cheap notebook.

The Inspiron 11 laptop has an Intel HD graphics chip and N3060 Intel 2480 MHz processor. It provides 600 minutes of battery backup and Windows 10 Home Edition operating system. It carries Waves MaxxAudio speakers and Bluetooth 4.0 chip.

The Inspiron 11 allows users to save their files to MicroSD cards. It is ideal for day to day tasks i.e. web-browsing, creating spreadsheets, documents, watching movies, listening to music, etc.

Other features of this notebook are as follows:

  • Celeron Intel dual-core processor.
  • 10 hours backup provided by a lithium-ion 2 cell battery.
  • Anti-glare 11.6 inches LED backlit display.
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM and 32 GB eMMC.
  • Inbuilt microphone, SD card reader module.
  • 1.2 Kilograms weight i.e. lightweight.
  • Powerful operating system.
  • Dual band WiFI module and 720p webcam.

The Inspiron 11 notebook from Dell costs 13000 INR.

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3Asus FD0042T

FD0042T is a cheap Windows laptop powered by the Intel quad-core processor. It is suitable for everyday use. It has a 32GB storage memory. It runs on Windows 10 OS.

The X5 processor in this laptop carries 2M cache memory. As it features multiple processing cores, FD0042T ensures good performance. Below are the features provided by Asus notebook.

  • Supper for external storage devices and CD/DVD writers.
  • Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • eMMC storage technology, 2GB DDR3 RAM.
  • Atom X5 Intel processor.
  • 1920 Megahertz clock speed.
  • Latest product (launched this year in January 2017).
  • Good design and 0.9 kilograms weight.

The FD0042t laptop from Asus carries a price tag of 14600 Rupees in India.

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2Micromax Laptab II

The Canvas Laptap II from Micromax is one of the best-selling laptops under 15000 in India.

The laptop packs EMMC 32 GB storage hardware and has Windows 10 operating system. It features a 3G SIM card slot and includes a detachable keyboard.

The Micromax Laptab offers an 11.6-inch IPS touchscreen display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. It features WiFi hardware and has 3 USB ports.

The laptop from Micromax ships with a MicroSD card slot and it supports HDMI connectivity. It features an Intel HD graphics chipset and an Atom series quad-core 4th Generation processor of Intel.

The MMX Laptab II costs Rupees 12000 INR.

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1Acer One 10

One 10 is one of the top rated Acer laptops under 15000 in India. The reason for the immense popularity of One 10 is that it offers Windows 10 operating system along with the reliable and sturdy Celeron processor.

One 10 is a 2 in 1 notebook which functions as a powerful Windows tablet. It provides a fifth generation Intel processor with 2 megabytes cache and a good clock speed.

Acer has enabled this laptop with Turbo Boost mode to make the programs or games more responsive. The One 10 notebook has a two cell battery that lasts for up to 3600 minutes on a single charge.

The laptop’s screen measures 10.1 inches. One 10 comes with HDMI module, Hence, you can connect it with a high-definition LED TV. The notebook supports HDCP. It has a multi-touch screen with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. If you’re searching for a laptop within 12000 to 13000 Rs range, this product from Acer is worth your consideration.

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Conclusion: The laptops below 15K budget we’ve covered above are ideal for students and small business owners. They are from well-respected brands in India.


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