On a PC unprotected by a premium security suite application, the user may download and install malicious program accidentally. The program might be written in such a way that it remains undetectable by Windows uninstaller tool.

To get rid of such programs, you must either use a sophisticated anti-virus software or use a powerful Windows program remover tool like Revo and iOBIT. In case you have already used these two programs, and you’re searching for its alternative, check our below review on Geek Uninstaller (free version).

GeekUninstaller Review

The program’s portable version is available on GeekUninstaller.com for Windows XP till Win 10 computers in the form of a Zip file. Get the compressed Zip file from the website and extract it. Now run the executable file on your PC to access the primary interface of GeekUninstaller.

Geek Uninstaller’s main window shows a list of installed programs and a menu bar with several options. Below the list, you’ll find a search bar and a status bar which displays the number of programs you’ve installed and the disk space occupied by them.

GeekUninstaller review and download

The list shows the program’s name, size, and installation date. You can sort the list by these three values.

To get started, right-click on the name of the program you want to remove. If the list is big, enter the name in the search box just above the GeekUninstaller’s status bar. Now you’ll see a context menu with the following options:

Uninstall: When selected, this option will remove the selected application from the PC.

Force Removal: If an application is running in the background and you’re not able to stop, this option will kill the process of the app, and it will remove it from the system.

Remove entry : If you don’t wank Geek Uninstaller to detect and remove a particular program select remove the entry option. The program’s entry will be deleted from the list.

Registry Entry: Allows you to check the application’s data in the registry.

Installation Folder: Lets you open the folder where the application has been installed on a single click.

Program’s website: Lets users access the developer’s official website.

Google for: If you want to get information on the developer/company or you want to check reviews of the application, click this option.

registry trace remover


Removes preinstalled Windows apps

Windows 10 operating systems come installed with several applications which you may never use. The apps may run in the background as a service. The Geek Uninstaller lets users get rid of preinstalled apps in Windows OS. To use this feature, click on the view option on the menu bar and select Window Store apps.

Cleans the registry

Once a program has been removed, Geek Uninstaller will display its registry entries, and it will prompt you to remove them. This function ensures that the Windows registry is free of errors and broken information.


Users can quickly change the default English language to one they know from the view menu.

Export the list

GeekUninstaller lets you export the list of apps it has found to an HTML file.


As the program is portable, you can keep it on an external HDD or a Pen-Drive.

Conclusion: GeekUninstaller helped me in removing around 25 Windows Store apps. I tried uninstalling some other programs as well. GU worked perfectly without reporting any error. Using GU on a single PC is free. The free version of GeekUninstaller doesn’t come with support. Backup your files on a regular basis, you won’t need any help.


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