As smartwatches are equipped with a tiny display, managing its features or running a utility in it can be frustrating for the users. Companies like Samsung are well aware of this problem. Hence, they’ve launched a manager app for Android phone users. Samsung has recently launched a galaxy gear manager app for the users of its smartwatches. Let’s have a look at the new features of this app.

Cool new features of Samsung galaxy gear manager APK

Lovely interface: This interface now has refreshing looks. The UI uses an orange color background for the titles. The font looks better than it was used to be before. The text is now easier to read.

Better clocks and wallpapers: Users are now allowed to choose one out of 3 stylish clocks to decorate the home screen of their galaxy gear watch. Each clock is customizable and it has a cool blue background color. The clock animation is smooth and it looks better than the screen of mechanical watches from Rolex, Titan.

Download galaxy gear manager apk for Android

Connectivity: When you’ll connect your Samsung smartwatch to your Android phone, the app will make you aware of the connection by displaying a message right below the top banner. If you use WiFi, you’ll see this message ” connected via WiFi”

Improved Accuracy: Samsung galaxy gear is equipped with some very useful sensors. To name a few, there’s pedometer, gyro, etc. Sensors output is processed by applications. Samsung engineers have redesigned the application so that it generates more accurate results.

Bug Fix: All major bugs that were detected in the earlier edition of Samsung gear manager have now been fixed. Now you won’t see any annoying popups nor will you see error messages while using the latest gear manager APK.

Notification management: The latest edition of this application allows you to customize notifications. It allows users to choose the notifications that want to see.

Download gear fit manager APK

Download galaxy gear manager APK

How to install the apk?

Installing APK installer files on Android phones is not a rocket science. You’ve to locate the file with the .apk extension on your phone’s ROM or microSD card by running the file explorer utility. All mobiles come preinstalled with the file explorer. Thus, you don’t have to download it from the Google play store. Anyways, when you’ve found the file, tap on it. If you do this, the Android OS will automatically install the application for you. To use the app, you’ll have to pair your smartwatch with phone/tablet using a wireless WiFi or USB connection. Please do note that security managers on some phones may block external APKs from using the OS’s installer. In such cases, you’ll have to modify installation related settings in the security manager. Please do let me know if you’re facing any issues.


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