Digitsole is an insole that has been designed to keep your feet warm. It can easily fit in shoes within EUR 36 to 46 size. This device features a thermostat component that can be controlled by a user with Android or IOS device.

The smartphone or tablet must be loaded with the Digitsole app. The program makes use of Bluetooth technology to send a wireless signal to the insole.

This app is smart. It can calculate the number of steps you have walked. It has a temperature slider that can be used to control the heat produced by the thermostat.

The Digitsole app also lets users know the number of calories they’ve burned for a given day. The insole is lightweight and thin. It is made by Poron and NeoTech materials.

digitsole smart insole that keeps your feet warm

The NeoTech material has been developed by the engineers who have devised this insole. It can manage vibrations produced when a user is walking. Poron is resistant to shocks. Thus, it keeps the electronic circuits in Digitsole undamaged.

The thermostat packed within this device can produce heat up to104 degrees. Digitsole has a 12.9 millimeters thickness and 99.2 grams weight.

The electric components in this gadget receive current from a battery that can be charged via USB cable connected to the USB port. The application can produce output in Fahrenheit, meters, miles and Celsius units.

When digitsole’s battery has been completely charged, it supply current for up to 8 hours. This insole has been priced at 99 dollars. It will be shipped to customers after Christmas 2014. This project is in development phase and it is raising money through kickstarter crowdfunding platform.


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