Moto Morini, the famous Italian bike manufacturer, has collaborated with Vardenchi motorcycles to launch its two most powerful bikes Scrambler and Granpasso. These two bikes were spotted at the Delhi’s auto expo show and are all set to hit the Indian roads.

Granpasso is expected to be priced in India around 13 – 14 lakh rupees whereas Scrambler would be priced withing 10 – 11 Lakh Rupees. Well, these two bikes seem to be priced right as they have excellent specifications.

Granpasso comes with an 1187cc four strokes V-twin DOHC liquid cooled engine that has four valves. This powerful sports bike’s 1187cc engine generates a max 102 Nm of torque (at 6750 rpm) and an 115 bhp of max power (@ 8500 rpm). With a six speeds transmission, Granpasso from the Italian bike manufacturer includes a tubular frame and has a 25 liters fuel tank capacity.

This sturdy Morini bike has front and rear disk brakes. This fuel injected Italian bike weighs around 197 – 200 kilograms. Granpasso specs also include a large windshield.

moto morini granpasso price in India | specifications
Moto Morini Granpasso

Key specs of Granpasso:

  • Liquid cooled 1187cc engine.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • 115 bhp max power at the rate of 8500 rpm.
  • 104 Nm of max torque at the speed of 6750 rpm.
  • 25 liters fuel tank capacity.
  • 197 to 200 kilograms weight.
  • Four stroke fuel injected engine.

Granpasso price in India: 13 to 14 lakh rupees.

On another hand, Scrambler is equipped with the CorsaCorta 1187 4 strokes V-twin engine. This engine makes this bike very powerful as it generates 114 to 115 bhp power at 8500 RPM and 102 Nm torque at 6700 rpm.

Just like the granpasso, this bike’s engine is liquid cooled and has four valves in it. This bike comes with a max 21 liters fuel tank. Other specifications are same as the granpasso.

moto morini scrambler price in India | specs
Moto Morini Scrambler

Scrambler price in India: 10 – 11 lakh Rs.


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